friends, T-shirts, training, NARUTO!!!

It’s been a good week so far.

I had dinner with my friends…hah I forget which day now, my mom’s memory is better and she’s older. lol My dad’s good friend from middle and high school is Bruce, and I made good friends with his wife, Anna. I enjoyed their hospitality and I got to hear some childhood stories of my dad! Apparently, he was a sports star, and was like the captain of the soccer team and baseball team? 😀

Bruce and I! 😀
bruce jones and roxy2

Aaaand training is awesome, as usual. I’m working on the angle of my kicks so I can stop kicking people in the privates. (sorry Raquel! 😡 and Jeremy. And everybody.) But I’m getting better, I swear. 😀 I will be safe before you know it! :}
syndicate group 1.13.14
My teaaaaaaam! (click to enlarge)
syndicate learning technique 1.13.14
Learning technique. Thanks, John Wood, Mike Pyle, and John Gunderson.

molly rees fan
Sales of my books are going well! Thanks to everybody who bought one! 😀 you can get it here:
(fan named Molly )

I will be going to TuffNuff to cheer on my teammates, and also to meet fans and sell my books and T-shirts! Come say hello! Jan 24th at The Orleans Casino is where the MMA event takes place.
tuffnuff poster and roxy

I started a conditioning program with our resident S&C genius Norm Turner. First day was good. Man, my legs and butt hurt the next day. After the second session, I ended up crying from legitimate pain…hahaaaaaaa but I iced and the next day I felt better. YAY Ice. I love ice. Ice….cream…. yes. I caved in and had some ice cream today. ;_; Well, frozen yogurt, anyway. But from cutting it out and being stricter with my diet, I lost like a pound and a half since last week. I’m trying to diet a bit. *shifty eyes* And I bought my mom a napoleon dessert, and had to sample some to make sure it was any good. ._.

whoa went off topic there…
Today was my light day – morning private mitt session with coach John. Power’n up beforehand!!
red roxy
I’m wearing all red!

Speaking of new clothes, I supported my friends and fellow TUF 18 fighters by buying their T-shirts. Would you like to, too?
jessamyns shirt

shaynas t shirt

yeah so anyway, in training and I arbitrarily renamed one of John’s moves (to a so-much-more-cool-name) that when he called out the old one, I was legitimately confused for a second as to what he meant. lol baka me

On Monday, I hung out with my friend Tony from Cali for a bit between my training and chores and stuff! 😀 We wandered around Fremont street, and went into this gift shop, and I gotta say….WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?! XD

roxy what did the fox say
Yes, I am goofy, and I don’t care!! :}

These past few days, I’ve been watching a lot of Naruto. I looked up fillers and skipped like 10 eps. I watched from like shippuden 311, skipped to 320, and now I’m at 330. Fillers means the production crew makes up some side plot episode to give the writer time to come out with new plot.

But MAN, watching these was like waiting for the planet Namek to explode! (DBZ ref.) There were SO MANY FREAKING FLASHBACKS but I couldn’t fast forward because they were interlaced with real new story. Tricky bast***s. ~_~; grr.
and then came episode 329 which is probably my favorite episode everrrrrrrrrr.
naruto and kurama 2

I won’t spoil anything and I’d appreciate it if nobody spoils me, who’s seen more than me.

I had been laying in bed watching ep after ep and before I knew it, it was 11:30. (I always go to bed at 10:15 PM) lol So this was late for Roxy.

I love Naruto. I just realized that I’ve been watching this for 11 years. When they showed the flash back of the first episode ever, I remembered sitting in my college dorm room. I even forgot how I found Naruto in the first place. And then the Chounin shiken, I was in my host mother’s house in Japan. And then the Pain part of Shippuden, I was in Kawasaki. And here I am, 31 years old. It’s actually quite remarkable how the author manages to make this show NOT dumbed down for little kids…. although it’s fine for kids. Stuff emotionally involve us adults, and inspire people like me. Naruto is such a good series. I was so excited last night I wanted to jump out of my futon. Er, memory foam mattress.

I miss my futon. 🙁 I still prefer to sleep on the floor, so I got a memory foam thing and I sleep on that.

oh yeah, you can get my Happy Warrior T-shirt here:

[edit] omg I didn’t even realize I just posted a pic of the Nine-tails FOX from naruto. LOL I know what the fox says! “omae, korosu zo, teme!” LOL…