people and two months

Yesterday was nice.

Many thanks to my boss for giving me a light work load because I told him I wasn’t feeling well the previous day. I ended up waking up feeling okay, though. However, I went in early to prepare for one of my kids’ lessons. She is only 4, and she can’t be alone in the room with the teacher without crying, so instead of enrolling her right away, the mother bought a 3 lesson introductory package with me to try and get her used to it.

I think I’m in love. She is SOOOOOO ADORABLE. ;_; She’s so young, though. ~_~ But I prepared crafts and we played peek-a-boo with paper pupetts we made out of chopsticks and pictures of lions and pandas. And today, we cut out and pasted paper pictures of food on larger paper to make a good lunch box picture. She gave me some of her cut-outs, because she snagged all the good ones, and I only had water in my box.


Roxy: Oh, I only have water for lunch. hahaha
girl: *puts glue on the back of the cookie picture and hands it to me*
Roxy: Oh, I can have the cookie?!
girl: *Shy smile*
Roxy: Thank you! Yay! :}
girl: :} :}

And her coloring and cutting is SO NEAT. I thought she couldn’t do it, but she colored PERFECTLY in the lines and cut SO neatly. Wow. Her eyes are like shining stars, and her giggle is like angels laughing.

I hope she fully enrolls.

After work, I went to Groundslam (my dojo) to watch class. And meet my teammates. I chatted with an observer, and I took notes on Japanese I heard. Lots and lots of notes. It was very productive. Then after sparring, I talked to G-san, my friend and teammate who had helped me so much before. That was fun. And Brittany came late, so I got to see her. 😀

I left kind of later than I wanted, but it was soo soooooo nice. I love them. I’m not lonely if I’m around my teammates. The people in my life make me so happy. At the gym, at work, in my social life (which is basically work or the gym, lol) I’m not depressed about my leg as much as I could be. I have goals. I’m just hoping my injury keeps getting better. Two months. Two full months. But ‘only’ two months. I have a project I MUST finish in two months. It’s kind of a fun tense feeling of pressure I put on myself, and it makes me excited. Once I’m back to training, I can’t work on my project so much.

Two months.…