Attack on Titan, fabulous practices

This week has been up and down.

I saw “A Lego Movie” with my Syndicate Kids jiu-jitsu class on Sunday! It was great!! the movie and the experience!

movies with syndicate kids

Awesome class on Monday and Tuesday. In sparring on Tuesday, I felt like I did everything right. I accomplished three of my goals for landing techniques, and then scored a legit take-down in front of a coach. Yeah!
sparring 2.11.14

So excited. In fact, I was so joyous that I listened to a HAPPY song in my ice bath, instead of something to get me mentally ready to hang in there, like Metallica.

I’ve been obsessed with Attack on Titan lately. It’s a really dark, macabre anime about zombie-eque “Titans” who attack humans and eat them whole.

eren and collosel titan
It’s really graphic, more so that I allow myself to watch. I like to protect my psyche from harmful images that could disturb me.

titan eating

I try to close my eyes if I think someone’ll get chomped, but sometimes it’s so unexpected, that I catch glimpses of people’s limbs go flying off or be decapitated. x_x But I love the story. But it’s so dark. BUT I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENSSSSSSSSSsss. Why do the Titans look so human?! What about their weakpoint?! What is in the basement?!!?! Why does the….omg unanswered questions. I’ve literally been watching it in all my free time, between training and eating and doing chores.
levi and titan

Levi is the frigg’n MAN!!! so cool!! *_*

This morning I watched like from 6 AM to 11:30 with a few breaks. I finished the 25 episodes that are out! I think the manga is still going on. And my mood has been super dark and depressive all day. lol ug

Worried about a few friends lately. 🙁

Mentally, Attack on Titan is messing me up. gah.

Quotes from the show:
“Spirit doesn’t always let you win fights.”
“You have to be willing to abandon everything in order to win.”
“The world is cruel.”
“My worst fear is dying in vain, not having helped humanity.”
“Please tell me I was of some use to humanity.”
“The results are always unknown. I never know if I’m making the right decisions.”

To make matters worse, I’m bummed out about my mom. She’s moping about the house all day. She has had a hard time adjusting to our move, and hasn’t found a job yet. Man, I can’t understand because I’m ultra motivated. If I had to make a resume, I’d probably do it in a day or two. It’s been months now…. And it’s hard because I can’t help her.

The water got shut off this morning because a pipe burst. I’m like “whatever” and went to the store and bought a few gallons to cook with. She basically couldn’t sleep because of anxiety, and was fretting all morning. Mom, just…geez, go about your business. It’s not like Lake Mead dried up…..

I got a stomach ache after lunch. x_x went shopping with a friend for knee pads, but still felt crappy. I taught my kids class with Chris, and that was fun. I figured out a way to manage the kids. In the middle of class they get restless and stop paying attention. When I taught in Japan, I had TPR movement activities I used, so I decided to mimic my old style. I had them get up and start doing jumping jacks and run around a bit. It worked. They were able to focus on the next activity.

I told myself after the kids class that I’d take Chaz’ Muay thai class. I tried warming up on the bag to test out various stuff that hurt, and found that it still hurt a lot. ~_~ Wednesday is usually a day I take off, because I feel beat up from training Monday and Tuesday really hard. Then I do Mitts with John, and train hard again on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Light weights on Sunday. But John went to corner a teammate, so I felt like a lazy butt….

I really really reeaally wanted to try that class, but I think my body needs the day off. I don’t WANT to give it the day off. ~_~ I ate some crappy stuff today, and I’m trying to lose weight. *sigh*

So I went home and felt like sh*t about myself.

Ashlee gave me a valentine! That kind of made my day.
valentine from Ashlee