weekend update- training, One Piece, etc

Thursday morning, I trained. I showed up after pro-practice and asked BJ-san who the instructor would be (because both Katsumura and Steve are out with injuries) and he said, “This young college kid right here!” and he shoved his finger into the cheek of a young guy collapsed off to the side, who then sat up straight. “Uh, me?” lol I guess that was the first time he’d heard of it.

He showed us an escape to the triangle, which was really nifty! Then Kubota-san, a young fireman who’s really good at Judo, showed us some alternate ways to finish the triangle. Then we sparred. It was a lot of fun. 😀 I was careful because of my neck.

That evening, it was usually my day off but I chose to work and picked up some bonus lessons. Moar moneee! XD

Friday I was pretty tired but worked all day.

Saturday, I worked all day and then went to BJ’s class. We did some REALLY good stand-up practice, and I opted out of the wrestling part of class, because I didn’t want people pulling on my neck. ;_; It was sad because I really wanted to try BJ-san’s technique. BJ-san noticed a problem with one of my techniques that I’ve been doing for the longest time and couldn’t get! HE POINTED IT OUT AND I THINK I FIXED IT. I almost cried. I don’t remember anyone telling me I was doing that little detail wrong before. I swear I used to be able to do this move. ~_~ Anyway, I’ll try it in sparring, and then really find out of I’ve fixed the move or not.

I was so happy, I was walking on sunshine that night.

However, I didn’t get to do any grappling. Just striking. :/ That’s probably why I had that weird dream, because I was stressed about work, and then striking stressed me out. ~_~; Grappling clears my mind, and striking stresses me….

I had the most mentally exhausting dream that night, and woke up Sunday feeling like I hadn’t slept a wink. @_@;;; Somehow I made it through a full work-day. Then went home and watched One Piece for like two and a half hours.

So, wouldn’t you agree that saying “Somebody dies” is the worst form of a spoiler? If so, why do people seem so quick to say it? -_- I read something that insinuated something online by accident, but then like a FEW people just blurted it out to me without knowing exactly where I was in the series. HELLO!? I haven’t SEEN THAT PART YET. So I’m really mad about being majorly spoiled. *sigh* That’s another reason I’m trying to catch up. I’m on ep 460- Luffy is on his way to, but hasn’t arrived at the Marine HQ yet.

Neck is feeling better. I can spar a little more comfortably. I hope we do lots of grappling.

Drifter is sitting on the rock. XD …