Okinawa Omiyage

My friend Kozo, who I teach English to, went to Okinawa and brought me back some gifts!

I’m really touched! 😀 Cookies (Which aren’t in the picture because I ate them) XD Black sugar pretzels (Okinawa is famous for sugar…I still have the box). A glass necklace (Okinawa is famous for glass art), and two sugar candy shisa dogs (also famous). And this gel candle in the shape of a heart with a kitty and a shell that says “I love you” in it! 😀

I love you? ^^; ookay. I won’t read anything into that…. lol We’re good friends, and girls usually like ‘hearts’ right? 😛 Except I am not a romantic… but <3 I like hearts, sure! 😛 Anyway, I took my Zen Pill (sleeping meds) last night, but in an attempt to NOT be out of commission the next day, I cut the tip off, reducing the strength by maaaybe 1/5th? I woke up at 4. 🙁 Come to think of it, I went to bed at ten, so that means I slept 6 hours. I feel really refreshed! So oh well? 🙂 I was gonna train with Kunioku-san today, but I pulled a thigh muscle on Thursday, pushed it to the extreme on Saturday, was limping and tripping all day Sunday, so I cancelled. 🙁 I can walk at least today, so it should be fine in a few more days. I had an event today in Tokyo I was going to, but it got cancelled cuz of the 'tyhoon.' Let's see, what else...AH! I talked to my Mom for an hour and 15 minutes this morning! It was so nice! And I used my new Chat Client for a while, and 8 people came and we had a good time. 😀 Oh, Dream was last night. Let's read sherdog....Osawa-san won in Dream...oh wait, he beat Otsuka but lost to Imanari, the leg-lock specialist. arg. Well, he gets to fight again for 3rd place. Tokoro won (I'm a fan), Aoki won. Oh Darren got injured? I hadn't known...Hansen and Caol Uno won! Yay pretty good! and last but not least, I sent in a book proposal to this publishing company that is open to unsolicited manuscripts and has published a martial arts book, so it looked promising! A few years ago I had sent out like 20 book proposals, and only for 4 replies (all negative) but this one looks better, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed....I actually have a finished book. A friend is helping me edit, but it's basically finished.... Today I have no choice but to relax. 😀 Yay. I'm on Episode 30 of Shaman King, and almost done Davy Jone's locker. I had success at work yesterday! 😀 Wow I feel good today! 😀 Rested! I lemanted waking up at 4, but I feel so refreshed! Well I am just sitting around. lol Let's take a walk. er, limp to the grocery store. …