nice lunch, nice sakura flowers

Yesterday I woke up so exhausted. I’d gone to bed immediately after coming home from training, without even turning on the computer! I woke up at 5….so from 10:30 to 5. Not bad. 6.5 hours! XD woo!

I actually didn’t look forward to meeting a Japanese friend before work, because my brain was moving slowly and he speaks fast, but he ended up taking me to a REALLY nice and a little expensive buffet style restaurant in Sakuragi cho. Just when I decided to crack down on my diet. lol oh well, it’ll be okay.

I took some nice pictures.
And I had a really nice time. My friend spoke slower and we could communicate. lol We used to hang out more, but not so much anymore since we’re both so busy.

There are actually many different kinds of sakura (cherry blossoms). The typical ones- light pink, but also white and dark pink! 😀

We were walking along and saw this building and thought, oh my gosh, it is tipped over because of the earthquakes!? After staring at it for a few minutes, we decided that it was built like that on purpose. I mean, if it was an accident, all the glass would be shattered and it’d be roped off, right? lol

I saw some really cute sweet bread (chocolate mellon pan) in a bakery the other day.

Well, I tried to have a light breakfast as part of my diet, but I had it at 4, so now I’m hungry again. u_U Oh well, off to work! I think I’ll try and train at ZST tonight. I enjoy their MMA sparring first thing.…