I’m moving apartments, Mom, back at training, TV shows, archery, friends

I had a fantastic week last week. I feel so healthy it’s odd. Well, my back hurts a little. u_u But my shoulders feel okay. It’s usually one or the other that hurt. Magic Masseuse Teri helps SO much with that. (Yes, I made up her new title).

I only gained 3 pounds of fat (as opposed to 5 or 6) since my fight, probably because I tried to get back to training immediately and cut down on sweets. But every time I rejoice, I go back up fast. LOL But I feel so energetic from eating carbs. Yay. I’m appreciating my health now because usually something hurts, and when I get older, I’m sure it won’t get any better!

I was joking around with Clayton, or was it Tom, that fighting adds an extra year to a fighter’s life. If that’s the case, since I’ve had 33 fights and I’m 33, my life years are 66? O_O hmm

It’s been so great training with Serena and Hannah again! Serena came back to Syndicate right after my fight, after an odyssey around the country. Serena’s wrestling game has really improved a lot, Hannah’s stand up and everything, really, has also, and I also see SO much improvement in the new girl Jenny.
serena and roxy after sparring
And I see improvement in myself. I feel more confident about certain techniques that I was able to pull off in my fight.

I’m back in training full force. I’ve been enjoying gi jiu-jitsu classes a lot. I used to have trouble comprehending Vinny because he talks so fast and my brain works slowly when learning a new technique, but I think I’ve gotten used to it now. I’ve been pulling off and working stuff he has taught me. He spent extra time with me before my fight and helped me out a lot. He’s fighting April 2nd in WSOF!! So excited to watch him WIN. 😀
jamie and roxy in gi
I trained with Jamie this Saturday!
team pic in march after practice
I’m also back working mitts, some switch stance stuff I want to get better at but didn’t want to try in the fight yet because I wasn’t super confident.
pyramid of fighter girls

So many fightergirls now at Syndicate! 😀
This new lady (but not new to the fight game) Jackie joined the team!

In my kids class, I have a small core group and then other kids come every day for like two weeks and then disappear for like two weeks. WHY?! ;_; Then when we have a trial student, I have to tell the parents, “We have more kids than this, I swear!” -_-;;

I’m moving! Down the street again! Dang, I don’t really like moving and I swore to myself that I wouldn’t let my mom drag me all over Vegas. I tend to move once every 4 years and she tends to move once a year. But what do you know, she was so bothered by our neighbors that she twisted my arm into moving last year (after only 1.5 years in our place), and now she’s moving back to New England, which will force me to move again. -_- mendokusai kedo shouganai. So yeah, big news! A new chapter in my life! Mom hates Vegas, although I think it’s more like “The grass is greener on the other side.” She always complained about the cold and snow in Massachusetts, and then in Vegas, complained about the heat.

I’ll miss her a lot, but I have friends so I won’t be lonely. I think she’ll be lonely, but I hope not! If she moves to New York, she’ll be able to see her aunt, cousin, and sister. That’ll be nice. Her hometown is kind of run down and declining, though, so not the ideal place. But anyway. I was hoping to stay in this current apartment and just have a house-mate move in, but for some reason that the office wouldn’t let us, they are forcing us to relocate, or transfer. huh? I was told it was nothing we did, and other people have to, too. How rude. 🙁

So I’m packing my own stuff, and my mom is being super annoying, trying to basically guide me and tell me how I should pack and prepare and move and stuff. Dude, I’ve moved before, leave me alone. I know how to pack, nothing of mine ever broke and I MOVED OVERSEAS. She’s just projecting her own nervousness on me. I’m already 60% packed and she barely started. Poor mom is getting really stressed out, though. 🙁

I owe her a lot, though. She literally picked up on three months notice and moved to Las Vegas to be with me and support me as I tackled a full-time fighting career. She pays more than half the rent and comes home with groceries for me. She’s so thoughtful and loving and the best mother in the world! 🙂 And my best friend. I usually ask for her counsel on problems. She’s the most creative person ever and has taught me so many life lessons.

I’m going to take a quick trip to New England to see my maternal Aunt and Uncle, then my dad, then my paternal Aunt and Uncle and cousins! I’m so excited! I’ll be on a really really tight schedule so won’t have time to see all my friends, though. 🙁

I’ve been letting Serena practice driving around parking lots with my car! 😀 But don’t tell my mom. LOL Funny enough, HER mom seems cool with it. I never really considered “teaching” anyone how to drive, but I find myself thinking of lessons to teach various points of driving, like how to back out of a parking space, using angles, smoothness of accelerating and breaking, etc. I’m getting into it now. LOL

We did archery together last Sunday!
roxy archery
My first time! How cool! However, I’m NOT ready to go protect Star City yet.
roxy and serena archery
I started and finished the anime Death Parade and loved it. It’s about judging the human souls after death by putting them through a trial in the form of a bar game, to get them to reveal their characters. Here’s the opening theme. Really great song!