The Positivity Challenge (my day, training, pics, stuff)

I woke up feeling physically crappy, and it lasted alllllll daaaaaaay lonnnnng. I suffered all day. ;_; It really sucked. I was cranky and even snapped at my mom. Training was hard.

So. Here comes the positivity challenge. I’m going to list every good, positive thing that happened, so by the end of this entry, we’ll both see just how great my day was, and that it was actually an awesome day.

1) I wrote more of my newest book (Positivity book, which was hard cuz I didn’t feel positive. lol) but I was productive with that!

2) the Muay Thai coach Master Nope introduced me to this Japanese girl, who just finished the morning Muay Thai class when I went in! We spoke Japanese. She’s from Saitama! It felt so good and natural to be speaking Japanese again!
😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I hope she comes a lot! I hope she’s nice! 😀 I hope we make friends! 😀 I really want a Japanese friend!

3) Chaz and John taught me (and the class) a new kick. Well, not ‘new.’ John taught me one variation the other day, and this one today.

4) During sparring, I did that kick and also others, and also every combination I’ve been working on with Coach John. YES!!!

5) I tried the new Mango chicken plate at El Pollo Loco. I’ve been dying to try it for at least two weeks now.

6) Someone bought my book at the front desk! (I’m selling them at Syndicate now, autographed)

7) I’m starting to memorize that song, Bijuu Counting song from Naruto. I wish I could download it from somewhere. ~_~

8) one of the best team pics ever was taken

9) I got chiropractic treatment by steckel, and started feeling a little better in all ways.

10) popped over to Heather’s house….and felt really happy that I could be so close to a close friend.

11) Ran stairs at the Orleans, using a new method, which I think is gonna be better for me in the long run! Run. Haha. Instead of just going up all 21 floors, back down, and then up again, I’m going up and down ten flights a bunch of times. My legs burn out less and I get more wind. I’m pleased. Cardio!

There are a bunch of negative things I could have added, but I’m not.

Because look, 11 unique things happened, off the top of my head.

The pic:

group pic syndicate 1.16.14

Okay, now look again….do you guys truly understand how awesome this picture is? Lemme point a few things out….

group pic syndicate 1.16.14 part2

As you can see, 50 studs on the mat today.

😉 Oh, it’s just an estimate. Haha Just teasing John. But seriously, there were a ton of people….we spread out into both mats, the cage and the ring to get enough room. I <3 Syndicate. …