I felt very loved on my birthday. I always enjoy celebrating it. I try to have a party and surround myself with friends.

The day before, when I walked into my gym Tribe, the entire kids class being taught by Leanne that day stopped their activity and rushed over. They burst into song, “Happy Birthday!” One of the mothers handed me a tray of cupcakes! They all hugged me. It was so thoughtful and touching! One boy said, “I just want to keep hugging you because I love you and learning from jiujitsu from you, Coach Roxanne!” Bunches of kids drew me birthday cards with colored pencils. 😀 I loved it!

On my actual birthday, I had some friends and teammates over. We played charades, Twister, hit a pinata, and stuff. It was awesome.
Chris got me a sewing machine!! I’m not ready! Lol Now I want a new house with a sewing room, so I can put it on a proper desk with places to hold my supplies. He doesn’t understand what he’s started.

I can’t believe I’m 40. o_O;

Maybe I can. I’ve done SO much in my life! I’ve traveled all over the world. I’ve met so many people and had so many adventures. It takes people their whole lifetime to have some of the experiences I’ve had already! Thank you fight world for lots of that!

In mid-September, I visited New England to visit family. I stopped by my very first MMA gym New England Submission Academy and got to train with my old coach Dave Roy, and see my MMA coach Kirik Jenness. I also gave a bunch of private lessons, which was cool, fun, and paid for my rental car.

That was really really beyond cool! I’m so glad I took that trip! Thanks, Dave (above), for making that happen!

I’ve enjoyed dancing lessons with Chris so much! Thank you, Martin, for the months of lessons! We can now waltz better than….someone who didn’t take lessons. lol

Martin taking the photo

After the wedding, I’m going to start my substitute teaching job! I got a call this week, but it was too late for me to go in. Then Chris said, “Hey, if one of us gets sick, we’ll have to cancel the wedding.” So I’m going to try and lay low until we are properly hitched and our guests leave. Seven days!!! I’m so excited to see my high school friends again, and one friend from elementary school! There are so many people I want to invite… so many people who have been an important part of my life. But we have limited space in the venue and I just can’t include everybody. I hope people aren’t too offended. ;_;

I’m so blessed and fortunate to have friends and people who care about me. Thank you to everyone who’s been supportive and cheering me on!

Shout out to Serena, my bestie, who’s been continuing the MMA grind, looking for fights.

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