Hello guys! It’s the weekend after Thanksgiving and I’m doing well. Chris and I smoked a turkey overnight and ate together, just the two of us. A few weekends ago I traveled to upstate New York to visit my Aunt Mary, Uncle Steve, and Mom. I also got to see Cousin Alison on my dad’s side. That was nice. I hadn’t been there in two years, and in that particular week I was able to finish my grading of tests on Wednesday so I could use Thursday to travel.


Chris and I had our 1st wedding anniversary in October! He dressed up in a suit and cooked me dinner! It was fabulous! Very nice. ^_^

I still love my English-teaching job. I get to meet great people who appreciate what I’m teaching them.

I’ve been playing Baldur’s Gate 3 a ton, basically once a day if possible. It’s funny how I saw it in a Southpark Episode, where one of the characters “just wanted to get home and play Baldur’s Gate 3.” XD That’s me! It’s interesting how my game is different from Chris’ because he’s doing an evil playthrough and I’m doing a goody-two-shoes playthrough. I just discovered the Nightsong.

My party – Orchid, Shadowheart, Gale, and Karlack is not shown, and my summon the fire elemental guy.

I have yardwork projects in my backyard that I never asked for but am doing my best at it now. Trying to dig up a big fountain the former owners had so that we can put a shed there to make a new training room. That will free up one of our three bedrooms. Serena is helping me dig.

I’ve been able to consistently train, which is nice. It’s not as much as I would prefer but it’s enough. I enjoy coming home to Chris, spending some time with him, and then go teach teens and sometimes get a few rounds in. On weekends, I try and train while he sleeps in.

I still love being sponsored by Xmartial.com and they have a lot of cool stuff! I just entered into a second partnership deal with a clothing company called “Animeape.” They have a lot of designs from anime that aren’t quite as mainstream as usual. Like Full Metal Alchemist, Hunter X Hunter, Evangelion, etc. I got a Blue Ranger rash guard!

Tribe’s kids fought in a jiujitsu tournament and I helped coach. I’m proud of them! They trained hard in preparation and fought hard.

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