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Since I got back from my trip to New York and Massachusetts , I threw myself into training. Some nagging hurts had gotten better over my little four-day break. I find I can’t do yoga like I thought because it makes my legs super tight and I can’t do stairs. x_x Weird, that a relaxing activity tightens me up. Good for my back, bad for my legs. *sigh* I can’t win.

But I will win my fight. September 6th, against Tara. I’ve been trying to taunt her and do some smack talk on Twitter. Keep your eyes out for it, folks. We’re brutal. XD #Taunt

I recently did this radio show on WMMAJamLive and the hosts Sabrina and Vanessa challenged me to SOCK WARS! So instead of just writing “Today’s socks” I’m hashtagging #sockwars. Feel free to join in, everyone! 😀 It’s very amusing to me to see everybody’s cool (or not cool) socks. If they are normal socks, you better have an interesting background.

My fan who is now my friend Candy stopped by the gym to give me a present!
roxy and candy at syndicate2
Thank you for the happy socks! XD “Bubba Gump” is also written on them. Thank you! (I was trying to look at the phone’s camera. I guess I was looking in the wrong place? lol)
happy socks from candy

She then watched Liz and I duke it out. 😀 She took a picture for us, I tagged it on Instagram, and then found out that Liz doesn’t have an Instagram, and I tagged some other random person ….. LOL
roxy and liz after sparring2

I got train with Liz a few times this week! 😀 Yay! She often works so it’s hard for our schedules to meet. Great fighter, awesome person. yay

So one of my sponsors is Sportsfood. They developed these strips that you put on your tongue and dissolve and give you electrolytes. They have zero calories and I tried them out for a while before deciding that they worked. After sweating a lot, I feel like when I take them, my body reabsorbs the water better.

There’s a contest between us sponsored athletes: whoever can get the most sales from their coupon code (mine is “roxy”) gets a bonus. 🙂 So if you do athletic activity where you’re sweating, try them out! They’re only $4.95 before discount per cassette. 😀
sportsfood collage1
(click to enlarge)
I’ve been watching a lot of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood lately. It’s the remake of the original FMA series in 2004. I think it came out in 2009, but I’m behind. I LOVE IT. The animators follow the manga/comic closely this time! And I love Roy way more. Plus I have a crush on his voice actor Shinichiro Miki. XD He also does Urahara-san in Bleach. In fact, that’s all I hear when he talks. *_* Who is super cool. He’s a flame alchemist. roy shrunk
Okay, so the basic plot is that brothers Edward and Alfonse, along with lots of others, are Alchemists, who can use scientific magic? called alchemy (by drawing circles and using skill) to take an object and change it into another object. Al has lost his body due to an accident, so they’re trying to find a way to get a new body/his body back. They also work for the government, which is having it’s own problems with politics and rebellion, and monsters who are out to get them and do some mysterious bad thing that the plot hasn’t revealed yet.
ed and al fma
IT’S SUPER EMOTIONAL though. It’s a science fiction/adventure anime, but also drams. I didn’t expect to be clutching my heart with every episode. The writer did such a good job with that series. I’m on ep 24.

I was watching Roy get stabbed and then keep trying to fight. It occurred to me then…..We don’t admire people who succeed easily. We admire those who struggle, suffer, strive hard, sacrifice, and manage to pull off whatever they need to do despite the pain. It’s because we’re all in pain and we want to be like that… to believe that we too can have success at the end of the road.

roy struggling

I honestly forgot how the first series went, and it wasn’t following the manga anyway. I hope nobody tells me any spoilers. I never talk to that person ever again, because spoilers are such a big deal to me. A kid in my jiu-jitsu class gave me a huge spoiler and then laughed when I got SO upset. Now he’s sad that I always walk away from him when he tries to talk to me about anime. I’m still upset about it.

Anyway, I love FullMetal Alchemist (FMA)

I think this is fanart. But I want a poster of it. A very. large. poster. *_*
roy mustang fanart2