I watched the fireworks and saw immortality

I did something to my leg…I thought it was just muscle soreness from stairs and squats, but I’m feeling acute pain now. I can’t go up OR down stairs. I’ve been dragging my left foot ever since Wednesday, damnit. It really is mentally tiring and draining.

Moving on.

Friday was miserable because of the above, but at least I got 7.5 hours of sleep! 😀 On Saturday, I took the afternoon off to go to the annual Ayu Matsuri in Atsugi! I go every year, usually with Sakura-chan. She met me and we ate Ayu fish, lots of ice cream, Tako Yaki (it was cold ;_;), bought sembei, got rained on, visited my favorite thrift shop, had girl-talk, and watched some fireworks.

It was wonderful. The only thing was, walking was excruciating. And my limping gait caused my ankles and knees and hips to all cramp up and hurt. ;_; It didn’t help that my neck still hurts…

Whatever, it’s all a part of living. At least I can walk.

So Sakura and I were watching the fireworks.

I watched as the colors burst in the dark night sky and sprinkled down. If they were alive, I wonder if the fireworks would be happy. Thousands and thousands of people look up at them. Their energy and beauty brings smiles to the faces of young and old alike. Fireworks live on forever, etched in people’s minds and memories. “What an amazing sight!” people say. “I’ll never forget that night!” People close their eyes and in their mind’s eye, they can see the stunning beauty, remember their feeling at that moment, return to that peaceful evening when they stood side by side with their loved one, gazing at the sky.

Fireworks. Their lives are so short. Only a few seconds. But they blaze into life, so brilliant and strong. I wonder if they are happy with that.

The life of an MMA fighter is also so short. So full of suffering, toil, ecstasy, revelation! Fighters awe people during their fights, but then they are all used up and can’t make themselves shine anymore. Their youth is gone. Their bodies are broken. When their flame is out, they fall back to earth, useless and dark. No matter how much they struggle against time, they just can’t sparkle anymore. And yet they live on forever in memories.

Fighters are immortal. Just like fireworks.