battling my thoughts – I won!

I know the power of positive thinking. My nickname is “The Happy Warrior,” right? I’m currently writing a book called “How to be Positive: Mental Training by The Happy Warrior.”

I feel like these past few weeks, I’ve been banged up. This or that gets hurt. I’ve found myself thinking things like, “How much of class can I do today before I get hurt again?” or “I wonder if my XYZ will hurt today.” or “I hope ABC doesn’t hurt today.” Etc.

I recently watched part of this video called “The Secret” and it talks about the “power of attraction.” It says that we attract whatever we are thinking about. That our thoughts send out energy into the Universe. There are no “positives” and “negatives” in this – it just is. So I could be thinking, “I hope I don’t get hurt!” but I’m still thinking about “hurt” one way or another, so I’m still ‘attracting it.’

I felt pretty crappy yesterday. I caught myself thinking those thoughts. So I tried a method that I used before my UFC fight. Don’t think about anything but technique. Fill my mind with technique. I’m going to jab cross duck step return strike. Jab fake cross shuffle hook. etc etc I just repeated the combos I wanted to do over and over in my mind. Then, just before we started sparring, I noticed Jake (my chiropractor) standing on the side. I went up to him and said, “Hi. Today I’m going to…” and I listed off all my goals for the day. I finished with, “It’s going to be awesome!”

He smiled and nodded. He knew what I was doing.

I went and I sparred.

I HAD A FANTASTIC SESSION. I did NOT get hurt. I did THE MOVE that John had showed me, and I doubted I’d be able to do. Just this Monday, I had said, “John, I think I’m too slow to do this.” He replied, “You used to be too slow for a lot of things, but now you can do them. We’re just putting tools in the tool box so they can come out later.”
After my round ended, I scampered over to him and reported it immediately. 😀 😀 😀 LOL “John John John guess what! I did the thing!”

It was awesome. And I took down a guy on the wall bigger than me, and he wasn’t letting me. And I did the butt escape thing. We did kickboxing rounds, and then MMA rounds with grappling and position changing. Lots of good all-around practice. We really work everything at Syndicate’s classes. I love them.

So yesterday, basically, I fought my mind and I won. 😀

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