I’m so sorry……I have to back out

I hurt my neck in training, and have to back out of my fight in Jewels this Saturday.

I want to offer my deepest apologies to my opponent, Shizuka Sugiyama. I’m sure she was training hard and looking forward to this fight. I really really REALLY wanted this fight to happen. I was REALLY looking forward to this, and I REALLY wanted to fight. < At first I couldn't hold my head up straight without feeling sharp pain and pressure in my spine. I was like...looking slightly down. It was really scary. I was carrying around ice packs in my cooler in my book bag wherever I went, icing it as much as humanly possible. It's getting better little by little - I can hold my head up now- but not fast enough to fight on Saturday. It causes a lot of trouble for Miss Sugiyama and for Jewels, who has so kindly made me the offer and given me a chance to fight in their organization. I'm so sorry it's in the week before the fight. I want to apologize to our fans and friends and teammates. I know I let down my coach and everyone else rooting for me. :{ My ankle and knee are injured, too, -_-; but I was gonna fight on them anyway. My neck is really scary, though... I don't know if she'll read this, but I want her to know I'm so so sorry >< …