important practice yesterday

Yesterday, I was so excited to spar.
I tried out the new style that Katsumura-san is teaching me.
I COULD DO IT! I got it! I mean, I couldn’t do everything perfectly. It was a first step. I managed to position myself near the corner where Katsumura-san was sitting, so he could watch and I could hear his coaching. He said there was a world of difference between now and before.

Praise! XD

Steve taped my matches with my digital camera so I can watch it at home. (This pic is a screen cap from it)

I’m so happy. I was stepping off to the side to consider what I just did and then Wicky said, “Roxanne, let’s go!” lol that threw me off…usually I’m bugging people to spar with me. I think he just enjoys catching all of my kicks and making me fall down. XD I like Wicky a lot. hah Well, I didn’t do as well in our match, but I got more feedback from Katsumura-san and Steve and BJ (He coached me live! THANK YOU).

I learned a lot from that match, too, and another one after that. The importance of yesterday’s practice alone probably equals at least a month of average training. I can honestly say a new style of Roxy has been born. I’m going to continue trying to make this style fit me.

I am so thrilled!!! XD

I tried to do the 10:30 class with Arai-san, but I was hurting after sparring, so I kind of pooped out in the end and didn’t spar with him. 🙁 sorry, Arai-san.

I tried to relax for the rest of the day, after going shopping. I read for an hour before bed, which was 8:30 PM….and I woke up at 3:30AM. HEY that’s 7 hours of sleep! I feel mentally fantastic this morning! 😀 Maybe the reading really IS the key. It was about 2 years ago when I stopped reading on my commute to work and the gym…

I love this song and I love this anime…it’s perfect!