attacked! and the baka doc

So… where do I start?

I got blood tests done, but I don’t wanna write too much detail here. To make a long story short, I ended
up arguing with the doctor because she didn’t want to give me medicine because she felt the hormone tests weren’t “abnormal enough.” But I was like, “Uh, dude, this one is abnormal. Give me fsking medicine. This has happened to me before.”

She refused me, and I actually left, cried off steam, WENT BACK, DEMANDED To see her again, waited 30 minutes, got to see her, and then didn’t leave until she gave me medicine. :F I tried so hard for like 15 minutes to convince her. I can’t believe she gave in and perscribed the lowest dose.. that’s just what I wanted. Just give me sometihng to get me out of your office, right? It’s common sense vs medical knowledge. See, I’m not a doctor, but I know from experience that SOMETIMES I have more common sense than Japanese doctors. Don’t even argue with me on this…. I did my research, I have history, and also stuff runs in the family, so I KNOW what I’m talking about….

SO I have to be careful…. I’ve been taking it for 2 days and I don’t know if it’s coincidence, but I feel better! I did a full AACC on Monday with relatively normal energy. I was tired today, but I ate a lot and got energized. That’s what’s SUPPOSED to happen. I have 8 days left of medicine because she told me to take it every other day and I’m taking it every day…

@_@ fsksldfnsdlkfslkdfjds Japanese doctors.
I’m still waking up at the crack of dawn…

Okay, so my boss gave me an easier schedule today. Probably because I complained and have been getting sick, and called in sick last Tuesday. The boss should give the employee a break if he or she isn’t feeling well, don’t you think? So thank you.

I have other issues that are really upsetting me, but I can’t get into that now.

Next, I had a chat today in my chat room, and we all kept seeing this error message 500, or whatever. Turns out that someone was attacking my site by flooding it with hundreds of commands? Who would do that to me? It crashed my site! That made me a very Unhappy Warrior. 🙁 I hope you’re happy to cause me sadness and inconvenience my webmaster. I was a very sad warrior.

Did I mention that I went swimming on Monday afternoon after the doctor’s appointment? Yeah! It was kind of more expensive than I wanted, and they made me rent a swimming cap, which irritated me.

My friend sakura (Kimie Okada) fought in J-Girls kickboxing last week and lost by standing down (KO). Poor girl! 🙁 She just can’t seem to pull off a win. *sigh* I wanted her to win so badly… I hung out tonight with her after work. My diet went from good, to super bad super fast. @_@ I’m trying to watch it so I can enjoy myself when I go back for my cousin’s wedding in early June.

Well, if my energy stays the way it is, I can get back to my normal training schedule. I suppose this is a blessing in disguise, because before and after work, all I’m doing is watching Shaman King and writing my story. lol I’m progressing quite fast. I just finished editing chapters 18 and 19 today, and that’s over ten pages.

Okay this entry is all over the place, but I don’t care. I’m going to bed now. But I’m not sleepy…probably because I ate so much fish and pizza with sakura. LOL After I post this really cool picture of Amidamaru from Shaman King.