Translation of Megumi Fujii’s post-Shooto blog

Shooto was the other day.
Thanks to everybody for the support.
It’s been ten years since the Abe brothers fought on the same card.
The results are that Abe-san (Hiroyuki) lost by KO and Masa-san (Masatoshi) won by TKO.

In the fight world, results are important. However, above that, is how we deal with our lives daily, and our attitudes.

You know, before facing your opponent, you have to face the fight against yourself.
We haven’t been doing MMA just so that we can lose against ourselves.

“Victory over oneself.”

What have you done?
What have you not run away from?
What dreams have you tried to reach?

Whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

We are always grateful for your support.

Masa-san, congratulations on your win! And Caol Uno’s fight was really amazing! MMA… is red-hot.

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