dreams and life lessons

I gave up the net for a while, but I miss you guys so much, I had to come back. hahaha 😀
I’ve done a lot of training and a lot of soul searching. I wanted to evolve. What are the results?

I haven’t gained the ability to shoot fireballs out of my hands yet. :/ Damnit! But I’ve learned and realized some things, about MMA and life in general:

I have realized that there is no such thing as a Super Saiyan. Only human will, which can be as hard and sharp as steel. And human spirit, which we don’t have to visibly see to know it’s burning brightly, like an aura, around someone.

I have realized that it’s okay to have dreams, but when it comes to high, distant ones, you can’t go after more than one at the same time. You have to pick one and go after it with all your heart and soul if you want to reach it.
(As I’m writing this, I remember my Dad telling me something like this, when I was trying to study both Portuguese and Japanese in college. I scoffed, but he was absolutely right. If you don’t give 100% to something, you won’t reach either. You’ll be mediocre at both. You have to sacrifice one. I ended up dropping Portuguese and got good at Japanese as a result.)

I have realized that I am sometimes too self-sacrificing. I need to work on being a little more selfish.

I have learned to keep my guard up more.

I have realized that good people lie and can be mean.

I have learned to forgive without getting an apology first.

I have learned that I actually have a singing voice, and that the majority of songs I have completely memorized are Disney songs. LOL!!!! How pathetic, yet wholesome of me! 😀

I’ll close this blog entry with a conversation I had with one of my teachers:

Roxy: I want to be perfect! I want perfect technique!
teacher: You can never be perfect.
Roxy: …. So then what should my goal be?!
teacher: Get better. To get better and better!…