movies and earthshaking statements

First, earthshaking statements.

Jan 23 (Reuters) – A major earthquake is far more likely to hit Tokyo in the next few years than the government predicts, researchers at the University of Tokyo said on Monday, warning companies and individuals to be prepared for such an event.

There is a 70 percent chance a magnitude 7 quake will jolt the southern part of the Tokyo metropolitan area in the next four years, the university’s Earthquake Research Institute said.

In contrast, the government estimates a 70 percent probability of such an event in the next three decades.

uh….o_x; I thought they’ve been saying for years that a ‘major’ earthquake will hit Tokyo, and then the 9 happened in Tohoku, and I thought, “Yep, there it is.” Now people are saying, “No no that’s not Tokyo, that’s different.” Dude, how different? It’s the same country. u_U Apparently one is supposed to hit Tokyo itself. Arg x_x I have some emergency supplies in my apartment, but only enough for a few days. I better get at least a week’s worth. I just don’t have that much space for stock-piling. And I should check stuff at the office, I suppose. Disturbing.

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Well, life goes on. This morning I had my usual big breakfast and then did a slew of various kinds of push-ups. 😀 I like the twisting ones that I saw on a video the other day. It hits my shoulders and chest, as well as back and arms. Those are cool. I watched Sherlock Holmes and LOVED it. Those characters didn’t fit my image of Sherlock Holmes and his ‘bumbling’ side kick Watson, but the director/writer whoever gave them distinct personalities and lots of character development, so I liked them (A LOT) for what they were. SO COOL. XD

Then I watched some more MMA videos, and then I watched Paul about the alien. (2011, starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen) IT WAS FANTASTIC! I loved it!! What a fun movie! Especially as a Star Wars/ Sci Fi fan, I got the jokes. XD Like the music from the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine was played. The script was genius, loved the slap-stick comedy, the ‘attempts’ at cursing. XD I have a hard time finding comedy movies that tickle my sense of humor. XD

Now I watched a trailer on youtube and it’s showing me links to other trailers….wait I am legend 2? Jurassic park 4?! Avatar 2? WAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA SHWEEEEEEEEET!! XD DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THESE! That’s what happens when I don’t go to the movies and see previews! They better come out in Japan!!

I got so stir-crazy today. It was my day off from work, and I USUALLY train twice- once at Ground Slam in the morning, and then once in the evening, so the fact that I didn’t is weird. I felt SO energetic. That’s good- that means my body is successfully fighting my cold. But I’m still stuffy so I don’t wanna overdo it. 🙁 I’ll see if I can train on Wednesday. I ended up taking a walk around Kawasaki and played ONE round of DDR. I ate this ice cream in Lazona that was made from milk on this place called “Mother’s Farm.” It looked just like normal boring white soft serve, but the taste! OH WOW it was some of the most impressive ice cream ever!…