super secret ninja technique

In the morning, I trained at the AACC.  It was great!  Only five people, but we did a lot of sparring, and Abe-san taught is this GREAT technique that I recognized as having done to me before, but I could never do back.  I’m very excited about it.

When we were sparring striking, I kept slipping on the mat.  I dunno, my foot was smooth and the mat was smooth, and I couldn’t cut angles or do anything.  I got so frustrated!!  At one point I screamed, “AAARRRG!!!!”

So after sparring, Abe-san came up to me and said, very seriously, “Roxanne, you know, physical training is important, but the mental aspect is important as well.  One must be mentally cool….” and he kind of lectured me.  LOL It was kind of hilarious, kind of embarassing.  ^^;;;  I do tend to get upset if I get frustrated that I can’t do something…but I was slipping! LOL

So I showerd and lay down on the sofa in the locker room…and fell dead asleep. O_O;; Woke up super groggy.  Staggered around, drank veggie juice, felt better, and taught Megumi Fuji English. 😀    She encouraged me to break my diet and have pizza, wth.

In the evening, I enjoyed working on the same technique as the afternoon, and got it down better.  I feel like my throat is getting scratchy.  I’m afraid I’ll catch a cold, so I went home before I was really ready. 🙁  But my body is tired, so I’m glad I did that.

I also got friend/exchange student from Europe David to help me demonstrate my super secret ninja technique!

Roxy\’s secret ninja technique