androgynous Roxy? plus random pictures

So I was in the convenience store the other day, and the cashier was just about to give me back my change for my tea. I was wearing my hat and winter coat. She suddenly said, “Dansei? Jousei?”

I was like, “…..”

That means, “Man? Woman?”

I mean, even if you can’t tell, WHO JUST RANDOMLY SAYS THAT, to a customer, no less?
After a moment of hesitation, I pointed at myself without speaking. As if to say, “Me?” She held up a thumb. “Dansei? Jousei? Ah, DANSEI?” (that means “Ah, so you’re a man?”)

I gave her a big smile and held out my hand for my change. I wasn’t going to speak and give her the satisfaction of finding out.

wtf lol

Then the next day, I went to a public restroom and the woman’s side was under some kind of construction, but the man’s side was open. A guard was standing at the entrance. He said, “Dozo!” which means, “Go ahead.” I peered at the women’s side, then at the man’s side, kind of confused. He motioned again, and then I got it. Oh, he thinks I’m a man. ^^;; Again?! I stared POINTEDLY at the women’s side. He said, “OH, there’s another restroom down at the other end, too! ^^;;” haha well, I’m not too bothered because I don’t make any effort to appear feminine. I wear sneakers and no make up. I took a pic in Gold’s Gym’s mirror to check it out, and I do look slightly androgynous.

I’m feeling a little better since my fight. Gosh, I wanted to be celebrating right now. -_-; Still really bummed, but I am encouraged…I’m getting there, with my strength improvement. I’m just not there yet. I wish I could grapple, but I can’t, so no use moaning over it. I’m proceeding with my strength training, and since I CAN’T grapple or kickbox, it’s perfect for me to just focus on lifting.

Well, here are some random pictures I took this week.

I had lunch with my new co-worker Gloria! Okonomiyaki and monja.

I bought this chapstick only because it has a cute/weird little froggie on it. …