worst day

What a horrible day I had. I thought I could meet up with an old friend at the demonstration, but he had to go somewhere else…it was his work, so it’s not his fault, but I was exhausted so I just went home. After eating a lot of ice cream. I can’t afford to do that, so I’m so mad at myself. ~_~;

I made myself go to Gold’s Gym, but felt like sh*t and my neck hurt from being cranked five times. After about 30 mins I went home and collapsed. Watched “How To Train your Dragon” straight through almost without stopping. I loved it. Started watching “Watership Down” but it kind of disturbed me, so I quit 40 mins in.

I actually feel ill. 🙁 Not good. Sore throat. I hope I can work tomorrow. This is not good at all. *sigh* damn.

I read Damnyouautocorrect and it made me laugh…it was the highlight of my day. At least I got in some positivity before I gotta go to bed.