tough work-day and “Moon”

I felt unwell all day, but I got through work. Lots of kids….at least they weren’t the super young ones and I didn’t have to jump around.

My body is pretty sore from Thursday, and it was really painful just stretching. I warmed up and Billy held mits for me. After I got home, I finished watching “Moon.”

Very odd, thought-provoking, and disturbing movie. The music choice is exceptionally good- the piano set the mood well. The reactions of Sam were the most fascinating thing about the movie. He didn’t freak out about certain things…just took things in stride. Some things were assumed but didn’t have to be stated, like WHY there’s a 3 year contract. The whole thing was just really well done, although not what I expected at all.

I’m going to go back through my Twitter timeline and get other suggestions from people who kindly wrote them.

Bed time. Gonna rush to Jewels after work and root on my teammates and Celine! …