Random Roxy updates -training and my book on Kindle

It’s been a week since my past blog.

My fight with Tara LaRosa in Invicta got announced! Yay! Very excited.
I text messaged her immediately after that and we joked around a bit. Yeah, we are friends. Yeah, we are going to try and beat the @#$*U#@)$* out of each other. XD And I’m going to win. Don’t worry, Tara, I’ll bring you a souvenir from Las Vegas.
(I’m the blue side)
text message with tara

People say “good luck with your camp,” but I train hard as if I’m going to fight all the time anyway. I just run more stairs to increase cardio, and game plan. John and my team’s got my back. ^_^

Last week wasn’t as awesome as I would have liked, but I still got in good sessions.

And this Saturday I did the grappling open mat, and Justin (who is so fun to roll with because he’s so smooth and talented) taught us the reverse delariva guard and stuff. I was like, Dude, SWEET!

I LOVE JIUJITSU!!!! 😀 <3 <3 Then Liz came in and I sparred with her a lot. I skipped the sparring class on Tuesday, and then Thursday I used my headgear (which is great, but I feel so uncomfortable, I feel I can't get off my normal moves with it). I didn't use it Saturday, and really felt on my game. She is really skilled and fun to spar with. And Big Maurice Jackson took the liberty of giving me some advice about the clinch, which I immediately applied, and it was great. 😀 AND I also used successfully what Adam and John taught me about single legs and sprawls in my last private. Thanks for sticking around after your lesson, Adam! That was super helpful! john heath liz roxy big mo

Shoutout to Otomix for giving me the headgear at the UFC expo. Even though I don’t prefer it, it’s way better than my Windy or UFC brand. I can barely see at all with those, but I have decent viability, and I took a hard kick and didn’t get rocked at all.
link to website

In the world of anime, I stopped watching Samurai Champloo. *ducks flying objects thrown by Champloo fans* And I’m putting off watching the animated series Avatar, but I watched the movie. I liked the movie a lot…. *hides from Jake as his he earth-bends and flings a boulder at me* I started “Jo-jo’s bizarre adventure 2012” and I HATED it. Dio was just so randomly violent and hateful, and the scenes of them beating each other up were just unnecessary…. I just got a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. So I quit after two episodes. No, I will not give it another chance. *uses Serena as a doppelganger to withstand wrath of JoJo fans, and runs away*

So I decided to watch The Ronin Warriors, which I hadn’t watches since childhood, and also Heroes. I think I got to the middle of season 2, so I’m rewatching it. I think there are more seasons, so I wanna finish that series. 😀

AAAAAAAND my book is finally out on Kindle! 😀
You can still buy the physical copy from me! email me, because I have the remaining copies. I can autograph them for you. Flat $15. basilisk875 at yahoo.com

Here’s the link to the Kindle version on amazon!
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