Trying to relax

Yesterday, I woke up (at 3:30 AM) exhausted from double-training on Monday.

I watched a lot of Naruto and finished the battle with Pain. Wow. I have more thoughts on that, but I’ll write about it later.

I practiced English with my friend Kozo, and then decided to go about ‘relaxing.’ Unfortunately, it was cloudy and supposed to rain.
Pretty flowers!

Look a little closer….there’s more life!

Musashi Nakahara where I met Kozo didn’t have any parks, so I ended up going to Tamagawa river near my place.

I rode past sports fields, kids playing games, picnickers, and finally found a climbable tree.

I climbed it, and balanced in the branches, read my book Towers of Midnight for about half an hour. NO CELL PHONE. Okay, I checked it once. I would have left it at home, but I’m still hoping for a fight offer…it’s not coming. 🙁

My stomach’s been bothering me lately. -_-; Anyway, it started to rain, so went back home, got my laptop, and took it to McDonalds to write. I bought a tea- it only cost 100 yen. There’s no internet connection, so I was able to focus. I wrote for about three hours. I’m approaching the end of my story! 😀 I’m very excited.

I went to bed at 9:30. Yesterday was a partial success. I thought about a lot of things. I’m working on calming my mind. I didn’t have work at all because it was a holiday, so the real challenge will be finding the time to get to the tree or park during my normal busy life.

I still woke up at 3 this morning. 🙁 I tried to be “Zen” and not move….I couldn’t do it yet. Even Naruto had to practice a lot ‘not moving’ before he could master Senin jitsu.…