I feel like crapola… I feel completely drained, no matter how much I eat.

I made it through Kunioku’s practice in the morning, which might have been a mistake…felt light-headed. Considered calling in sick to work, but I had 4 kids classes in a row. The hardest kind of work, but also the most difficult to find a replacement teacher for. I had two assessments. Only 5 lessons, but blarg.

Got through that. Thank you boss for canceling my morning lessons on Wednesday. Now I’m home and going to go in for afternoon and night-time lessons.

I also still can’t sleep very well. wtf is going on with me lately. I mean, yeah the earth is shaking every day, and I’m busy at work and working over time, and I’m responsible for more kids classes and new teachers, I’m trying to train full-time, but that’s nothing new! Well the shaking is…but wouldn’t I have not been able to sleep when I was escaping to Nagoya? Things are calming down now. And the kids are kind of new…and the working over time…and the mentoring…

Last night, I slept from 9:15 PM because I was dead, to 2:45 AM. That’s 5.5 hours! BETTER THAN THREE. Then I dozed somewhere and got up at 4. 🙁 On Monday, after sitting in the docotor’s waiting room for FOUR HOURS, I got medicine. I’m going to fill the prescription today and see how the sleeping pills go.…