up and down – training, work, banana sushi

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty busy at work. I worked from late morning until the evening, with breaks in between. But recently, my new school is my new favorite place, so it’s all good.

I held a meeting with kids teachers on Tuesday. (I led a meeting! :O) and we did a lot of great brain storming on activities, methods, etc. Very productive, I thought. I hope everyone else thought so…

Yesterday, one teacher sat in my lesson, and I think it went pretty well! 😀 The kids were really cute and cooprative. Only 3 :D. As opposed to 6 kids as in my previous school. I met some nice students and got some good feed back from them. They said they liked my lessons.

I ate a piece of banana sushi for lunch?! What? Strangely good…with chocolate sauce. :O I scraped that off…

I raced to MMA sparring and sparred hard for 30 minutes after work. 9:40 PM- to 10:15ish.
I’m trying some new techniques, and was partially successful, partially not. I got tossed a bunch of times by Hitomi (of course) and I got her down a few times, but she guillotined me one of those times. I have to keep reminding myself that I can’t suddenly get perfect overnight. It takes practice. I’m holding myself to really high standards.

I’m happy to be closer to the AACC team.

I am part of the team. But I’m freelance. Ah, it’s confusing. I don’t know what I am! I know I’m Roxy! 😀 That much is certain! The “happy warrior” thing is kind of on hold, though. lol

I was chatting a lot with Hitomi (Akano) after sparring, and she told me about her recovery drinks and how she drinks BCAA and stuff throughout the day. I’m starting to wonder if I can’t stop eating all day because I’m not getting enough nutrition? I think my diet is balanced well, but due to my metabolism? I mean, I had a HUGE breakfast at 5:15ish, but I’m already hungry and it’s only 7:45 AM…

I’m on ep 279 of One Piece. A certain someone just screamed, “I want to live!” to Luffy and is group who went to save her. 😀 Fans will know which part I’m talking about.

Despite my fun training and happy work situation, my ….well, results of my last fights 3 are like injuries. They still hurt a lot. Every day I feel them. They drag me down. They hang over me like a dark cloud. I want to fight. I want to win. It hurts a lot, but I have to just smile and carry on. My next fight is not set yet.