tooth care

So I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning last month.

-_- In Japan it’s annoying because they make you come back twice so they can charge your insurance company twice….yes. So that means they clean your “Front teeth” the first time, and your back molars the second time. POINTLESS. but anyway.

They also do stuff like make a detailed map of where the most plaque was. Who cares, dude, just scrape it off.

I had tea stains on the back sides of my upper chompers. :/ They cleaned that off there. 😀 Mostly. And I had a few black spots in my molars, which some could be gotten out, some couldn’t. I said, “What’s that?! Is it a cavity?! Can’t you get it out?”

(recall I don’t trust Japanese medical care) He poked at it and said, “It’s not a cavity. The crevice is too small for me to get into. We’ll keep an eye on it and take action if it becomes soft…”

o_O;; So I said, “So…I brush after every meal and floss once in a while…what else can I do to prevent cavities if I’m always careful about brushing?

He said….. *birds stop chirping* “You can’t.”




That seriously freaked me out. “You can only do your best to brush and floss,” he said. “And by the way, I think you’re brushing too hard because it looks like you’re wearing away the enamel here.”


I had gotten a cavity in a hard to reach space before, and I was SO depressed, because my mommy taught me proper tooth care and I always brush… ;_; So now I’m obsessed about tooth care lately. And he told me I brush sideways? I DO NOT. MOMMY TAUGHT ME to brush from bottom UP. ~_~;; arg wtf arrr arrr

So now I’m flossing every day (as opposed to once every two weeks) and I bought LIsterine and I’m garggling, and I brought toothpaste to work instead of just brushing with water like sometimes do when I’m in a hurry….and I ‘m buying softer brushes, but on the other hand, my teeth don’t feel clean after ‘soft’ tooth brushes. ;_; …