my Thursday

Today I woke up, and found that my practice plans were cancelled. ;_; Super bummed. Maybe next week…well, I know we sometimes have to wait for good things.

So I went to the gym by myself and did cardio. What I think is cardio. But who knows. I made it up myself. What do I know about the proper way to train?

I posted a question for advice on Facebook and got chided by my strength-and-conditioning coach friend. He’s tried to explain stuff to me in the past, but I don’t understand it so well…Facebook messages and explanations aren’t ideal…we need to meet. 🙁 I don’t really understand the science, so although I hear the words, it doesn’t always sink in. For example, if I were to say “Lingua Francas are necessary linguistically for cultural communication, and ESL learners often have trouble utilizing the gerunds and past perfect progressive and prepositions and passive future contitionals…” do you know wtf I’m talking about? Maybe if you’re an English teacher.

So I feel like crap now. 🙁 What do I know about anything, anyway? Not much, apparently, since I’m constantly am exhausted, can’t seem to gain muscle I want, etc. –;

After the gym, which was about 9 to 10:30, still had the worst headache ever. But anyway I called up my host mother from college to see if she was free, and she was!

On the way, I stopped at my favorite sushi shop in Shinjuku.

I like this place because they have this sashimi salad. A little salmon, squid, crab salad, and red-flesh tuna.

I went to Kichijouji to hang out and have tea, which is kind of far, but she’s in her mid-70s, so whatever makes it easier for her. We hung out and then I bought knee pads at Oshmans and now I’m home.

I wanted to do SOMETHING special on my day off, and make myself forget that I haven’t been able to practice how I want for the past entire week due to Obon holidays. Well, I should cut Japanese people a break….it’s like what Thanksgiving is to Americans.

I’m just generally annoyed. I REALLY REALLY hope people show up for open mat today. I’m opting to go the AACC over K-Taro dojo.

(5 hours later)
I just got back from the AACC! 😀 People showed up! We rolled for like an hour and a half! XD Ah so good! I had fun sparring everyone, especially Sayaka! She’s so cool! *_* She ‘toys’ with me. Someday I wanna grow up to be just like her! XD <3 <3 <33333 Hah Tama-chan asked if she could take pictures for her blog, and we said sure. I got a top position (rare!) and was like "TAKE A PICTURE NOWWWWW." Hah.

Then she totally trapped me and I was left unable to move with my legs kicking. That was genius….as I said, someday, someday…. XD