I played a lot today

“Our family is moving overseas for my husband’s work next month, but my daughter and I don’t speak English!”

This is why I want to go to work every day.

I taught this one girl I’ll refer to as “N-chan.” She’s maybe ten years old? Her mom took lessons at the same time in the other room. I actually tailor-made her EBS lessons from the usual course because she could only take 20 (usually 30) because she has to leave in January! She always tries so hard, does all her homework, tries so hard to communicate.

And we have some kind of weird connection. We’ve said the same thing at the same time a FEW times. It’s so weird. And today, I had her read this passage over and over again because she kept making mistakes. What amazing power of concentration for a ten year old…but I’m sure she was getting tired. The long “Phew!” sigh could have been an indicator. About five minutes left to the 1st lesson.

So on impulse, I got up and got the basket of toy vegetables, plus my shark oven mitt. And had her feed the shark. I taught her how to say, “Give me the asparagus, please!” And then hilarity broke loose. The shark’s mouth couldn’t fit around the lettuce, so it went rolling all over the place. She kept teasing me by stealing my cucumber pen, so I hit her shark over the head with the asparagus when it was her turn to use it. She kept dropping the tomato, but she caught the apple in mid air, which was amazing. We were laughing and giggling our heads off…. She eventually balanced the shark puppet on the basket handle!!! O_O! I took a picture.

How old am I? lol My body feels like it’s 50 sometimes, my mind is 29, but my heart is still 10. :}

In the next lesson, we did a toss game where we throw my marimo plush toy and count up as high as we could. I always do that with my youngest kids, but somehow it seemed alright with her? SHE LOVED IT…maybe a little too much. We were doing two pillows at the same time, trying to hit them in mid air. She couldn’t say the teens (13, 14, 15 etc) at first, but if we dropped the pillows we started again, so she remembered. XD

Then we did the next chapter’s reading and activities, and at the end of the class, played hang man. She learned a lot of spelling and classroom English. She had a chance to speak out. What a fun, productive class.

I had a busy day, and I taught almost ALL kids today. I horsed around with my kindergarten outservice (literally singing Old McDonalds and making horse/pig/cow noises). Hah x_x I have a light day tomorrow. Time to train! Weights in the morning, meet friend in afternoon, work in evening, sparring after that.…