he grabbed my butt, but I got my visa

I was kind of miserable today.

I woke up with a stomachache, had breakfast which didn’t help, and went to my preschool class.
Class A was just so noisy and unruly and wouldn’t shut up and pay attention. -_-; It really irritated me when I told them to make a circle and walk to the left, they went forward instead and then fell over, dragging everyone down who’s hands they were holding. COME ON, they never used to do that. And some parent was sitting in class observing the chaos. u_U The staff weren’t helping me as much as they used to…. new staff. So I had to quit in the middle of one activity cuz they were being bad. They broke the circle and ran all over and were like taking off their shirts and hugging each other and wouldn’t let go. GRAR.

Then this one girl started crying and none of us had any idea why, but maybe that was her mother? Because the parent was speaking harshly to her, which made her cry more? And then the staff tried to force her to do the activity, and I was like, No let’s just leave the poor girl alone.

THEN this little 5 year old boy with a cute mischievous smile, who only came up to my waist, gave me a big hug!!! 😀 Then he GRABBED MY BUTT WITH BOTH HANDS AND SQUEEZED.


Must not smack child must not smack child must not smack child….

Bad, child. -o-;;; Very bad child. (I know that Japanese kids are very touchy feely and grope teachers all the time, and poke their fingers up their butt in the ‘kancho’, but I have yet to experience this until today… WHO THE HELL TEACHES THEM THIS?! They are like 4. How do they know to do this sh*t?) My co-worker said, “Manga.” I don’t believe it- they are 5 years old, they don’t read comics. Do they?

Well, grabbing Roxy’s butt is not acceptable behavior for anyone of any age, and any gender without permission, which is highly unlikely to be given. This one little girl, who had a mental problem, actually, kept trying to reach her hand up my shirt? WHY? NO TOUCHING MY BOOBS! OR BUTT! ;_; It’s ALL off limits! There will be penalties! I wish! Actually, it’s all idle threats (in their case). If it were in my home office, that kid would be out the door, but it’s an outservice. ~_~;

So that freaked me out.

After that joy ended, I chowed down lunch and hurried to the Shinagawa Immigration office. -_- I checked in at 12:30 and my ticket said, “Number 412. Expected finish time: 3:30.” I looked at the board: 101. 200 people waiting. Damn.

I decided to hang around there instead of go back to Shinagawa station where there’s interesting shopping. I wanted to exercise so badly and kick my stomachache… I played my iPhone games, read, napped, and went back at about 3PM. Almost? Hah. Number 200 was up, 450 people waiting.

WHAT THE FFFFFFffffffffffff……… Not even half way there! I had to leave at 4:45 in order to make training!
An hour later: 600 people waiting, number 290.
waaaaaaaaaa. < My legs hurt if I stood, my back and stomach hurt if I sat down, I was bored and my phone was running out of juice. ANYWAY I GOT MY FREAKING VISA at 5:30, YEAH! Five hours of waiting! Three year visa! I asked for five, but after 3 years, I'll have been here for 10 years and can apply for permanent residency! And pray they give it to me! 😀 I couldn't go to grappling. ;____; Not enough time before work. Sad....I had energy but couldn't get it out. >< Went back to work. My co-worker Gloria was winking and nodding at me, and then I realized that my make up was wearing off my black eye so I reapplied that. Poorly. I don't know how to do it well. u_U I only wear make-up to cover bruises and cuts. I bet my boss saw. -_-; My classroom was stuffy as hell and my student was sweating, but the hallway was cold. WHAT THE HELL. God, you know what? First of all, in the stupid Immigration office, YOU KNOW thousands of people are gong through there per day, so WHY were there only THREE WINDOWS OPEN? -.- it's 11:13 and I'm not sleepy. I can't believe I got my butt grabbed by a little brat... grar. Well, the bottom line is that I got my VISA. I can always train tomorrow. …