I’ll prove it all – my fight is set!

“Could I stand on this side?”
“Can I stand on the left? I want to show a better view of my sponsor T-shirt.” 🙂
“Oh, sure!” 🙂

And in this way we posed in front of the cameras in the Deep Gym Monday afternoon.

Hitomi Akano and I will finally get another chance to fight in Jewels, July 9th, in Shinjuku Face, Tokyo.

I want to fight her ten times as much as before.

I want to win 100 times as much as before.

Actually, last December 30th was the worse day in my entire life. MY ENTIRE LIFE. I had the chance to fight a really good opponent I’ve been gunning for for YEARS in front of thousands of people in the biggest show in Japan on HDnet….that’s like being invited to the UFC! On top of that, I never would have thought a woman would even fight ON the card! And I got sick as a dog the day of the fight.

I’ll show the world a different fighter. Not a new Roxy, but I’m bringing back the old Roxy. The Roxy that used to win. You’ll see…It’s gonna be good. I’ve already decided that I’m going to win. I believe that this fight is a turning point. My life depends on this fight.

This fight is mine. I will not be stepped on this time. I will do it. No excuses. I’ve never felt so determined before in my life.

I can’t wait for July 9th.

Actually, a lot of stuff is going down in my life right now, but I can handle it. I can handle it all. BRING IT ON, world! BRING MORE! I will do it all! I can do anything, because I’ve decided to! I will PROVE to the world that I CAN work full time and be a professional fighter. I will PROVE that nice, geeky girls can fight. I will PROVE that you don’t have to have perfect technique to win a fight. And most of all, I’ll over-come my own physical and mental weaknesses.

I’ll prove it. I’ll prove it all. …