My seminar at College Park MMA in Maryland!

College Park MMA owner and all-around awesome fellow Josh Peters brought me out to do a seminar!
Great gym with a great atmosphere, great schedule, great people! I can’t say enough about them. If you’re within driving distance, check it out!

Only one student came to my kid’s class, so she got special treatment.

She kept getting distracted by Josh’s dog barking by the door. lol Oh well. Kids! It was adorable.

Before that, I got to drill and roll with Josh. He’s a super-skilled black belt. He taught me worm guard. 😀

I’ve been avoiding delving into that realm, but I guess I’m good enough to learn it. haha I still get smashed every time I try to use it live, though. Maybe I should try it out on my teenage students first. That’s what they’re there for, right?

I had a slightly irrational fear that, being a brown belt, I wouldn’t be able to teach the class something he wouldn’t already have taught them, but that didn’t seem to be an issue in my MMA seminar. 😀 Thanks for supporting me by helping everybody, and being my uke demonstrator, Josh!

The adult’s class was great. I even had a fan and long-time acquaintance on twitter come and participate, who had never done martial arts before! I was super impressed. It was a four-hour class! It was cool to finally meet him in person! He gave me socks! 😀

Everybody gave 100% effort, learned a lot, and had a good time. We chatted and I answered questions. I got to roll with some people. Everybody from pros to practitioners of different styles of martial arts to hobbyists came! It was so great to meet good people. I was so happy to see people picking up on the technique. I hope everybody acquired at least one thing they really like and can use from now on. :

Some people wore Dragon Ball Z and Attack on Titan clothes because they knew I was also a fan! SO COOL! 😀



Lots of people got “the frame” down! Best thing Coach John Wood ever taught me. One of the best.

After the seminar, CPMMA member and my new friend Cat became my chaperone and took me to Fight 2 Win, a grappling show. Thanks for getting me tickets, Josh! Before that, we stopped at WAWA and I got a burrito. OMG WAWA!!!! XD So amazing.
Ya’ll don’t appreciate Wawa until you can no longer go to a Wawa. 😀

I really enjoyed watching jiu-jitsu with other people who loved jiujitsu. I nearly fell asleep in my chair, though. #roxalepsy

Sunday morning I was so tired…. a good tired, but yeah. I was considering visiting Ryan Hall’s school, but it was far, I was exhausted, and promised the CPMMA ladies I’d go to their open mat. Before that, Josh took me to Brookside Gardens! It was so beautiful, and nice to see vegetation I am familiar with. I live in Vegas but I’m from the east coast. I grew up in Pennsylvania. It felt kind of like home….Thanks, Josh!

I had time to stop by open mat for a bit before heading to the airport to go home. Short and sweet trip!
Thanks to everybody who bought my book on Positivity! (available here: )

Thank you, everybody, for showing me such love and hospitality!
I’ve had several other gym owners express interest in having me out for seminars. Email me at basilisk875 at!

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