Super busy weekend (Steve, UFC, soccer coach)

This whole week has been super busy and exciting! Makes me look forward to life every day. 🙂

Thursday was New Years Day, and John decided last minute to hold MMA team practice. I thought it was going to be a small group for open sparring. Oooooh no. He worked us HARD.

This is one of my favorite group pictures.
syndicate new years day
I can’t wait to see Bryce Kim Fight (ripped guy to the left in the red shorts) and Enzo (behind guy in red shirt) fight in Tuff-N-Uff this coming Friday. And Rudy Morales (long sleeved shirt with a blue stripe) and Donavan Frelew (tongue out) are fighting in World Series of Fighting in two weeks!
John is giving his “task-master tough-guy” scowl. :}

I sparred a lot with Jessica who tries to hit me as hard as she can. *_*

That …that makes…that makes me wanna…!!!!!!

goku powering up
I’m so happy to have her as a training partner.

That evening, I went with John, Janna and family and friends to see comedian and friend Adam Hunter perform. It was great! He’s hilarious.
adam hunter fighter group
I actually ran into Heather and Bryan Caraway and Uriah Hall and some other people, and ended up sitting next to Heather. Heather doubly enjoyed the show – laughing at the jokes, and then laughing at my expression when some of the dirty jokes flew over my head. XD
roxy heather comedy show

Thanks, Adam!

Before the show, I thought I might passout from exhaustion, but it’s hard to do that when you’re laughing. 😀 It was my first comedy show ever. Very entertaining.

Friday I managed to do a great jiu-jitsu class despite feeling like I was going to fall apart. 🙂 That evening I picked up Steve Brown from the airport!

I used to train together with him in Japan – Reversal gym Yokohama Groundslam. We had even gone together to try out for The Ultimate Fighter Season 18, and unfortunately, he didn’t get chosen but I did. He’s a 135lb-er who will be fighting Shamrock fighting Championships, MO, on Jan 17th. He’s here to finish his camp. It’s so nice to train together again and hang out a lot :D.

Saturday we went in early and I ran him through one of my favorite circuits, and then technique, and then we did team sparring. So many people came!! Look at the size of this class!!
syndicate jan 1 2015 - 2
Can you find me?

I got kicked so hard in the forearm by blocking a shin I thought my arm was broken. 🙁 I iced it, it stopped hurting, so I went back to sparring, got kicked again, thought I was going to puke from pain. It swelled up, but they say it’s not broken. I’m gonna tape a pad to my forearm and try team practice today. ^_^

Saturday evening I went to the UFC with Steve. 😀 Fun fun fun!

steve and i at ufc
I felt sooo conflicted about the Horiguchi vs Gaudinot fight. I wanted Horiguchi to win, but I didn’t want Louis to lose. 🙁 I like him from TUF 14 a lot. *sad* But I thought to myself, they would both want me to enjoy watching them fight, so I tried to enjoy and appreciate the technique.

I was really annoyed by what happened in the Jones Cormier fight. 🙁 That’s all I’m going to say publicly.

I was sooo tired I fell asleep during some fights, but Steve couldn’t catch it on film before I nodded awake. < dang it! So maddening. It's not like I'm bored! Sunday, I got a massage at a salon and feel in much less pain now. XD Then had lunch with my soccer coach from middle school! HOW AWESOME that was...yet weird.. Because last time I talked to him, I was like 12 and he was in his thirties. Now I'm an adult and he's as old as my parents. 😀 Haha He said, "I always knew you'd grow up to do something interesting." I was quite the oddball when I was younger. 😛 😛 As you can see from the adult I grew up into. roxy jim leader
He then helped me fix my headlights because cars are his thing….it just so happened mine had burned out the day before and I didn’t know what to do. Thanks, Mr L…I mean Jim! *_*

Then I had tea with Tynan, my traveling writer friend. 😀 He took me to this tea lounge which I would never think go to by myself, but it was cool to experience! 😀 Get a load of the size of this tea pot!
roxy tea pot tynan

Then I hung out with Steve.

I’m so lucky to have great friends. 😀 😀 <3 <3 <3 Soooo different than middle school. I was so lonely because I got teased because I was such an oddball. I fully appreciate and am grateful for all the nice people around me. XD Finally, read some "SAGA" comic and fell asleep at 9:30 PM. Woke up at 4:30 AM. @_@ I'm still tired..... …