I was selected for TUF elimination fights

Today was okay. 🙂 I had a runny nose, so I didn’t wanna spread it around the gym, so I just lifted weights in the morning. Before weights, I had like a two hour conversation on skype with Mom about Health Insurance. omgggggg it’s so hard to understand. ~_~; I’m quitting my job and have to buy my own, right? We are discussing premiums vs deductibles and all that jazz. I mentioned dental, and my mom said, “Honey, I dunno if you can afford dental.” I was like, “Mom, I get hit in the face every day, I CAN afford dental.” LOL hahaha

I was supposed to work in the afternoon, but my student canceled at the last minute. I then went for chiropractic treatment at the clinic near my place. I’m going to seriously miss paying ten bucks for a 20 minute session. ;_; Then I did chores, watched some of the TUF 14 finale, and then met a co-worker for dinner. It was really nice. ^_^ Then I got home aaaaaand! It’s been announced!

I was selected from the tryouts and participated in the first elimination fight to make the Ultimate Fighter 18 show. But seriously, sorry to everyone I ignored and half fibbed to, but you know the first rule of fight club? DON’T talk about Fight club. Duh! And I still can’t talk about it. So please watch FOX Sports 1 in order to see if I made it into the house or not. and all that jazz. And don’t bother stalking me on twitter to see who I talk to, because I was friends with half the ladies anyway before we got reunited at TUF. hah I mean, you can feel free to stalk me on twitter…I encourage it! But you won’t find out anything.

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Notice how many times I said the word “Tough” over the past day. haha

Here are some forbidden pics at tryouts that I’m now allowed to post 😀
Tryouts in April, mind you.

We had to wait forever to get interviewed. I, being a teacher and a nerd, never go anywhere without pen or paper. SO I whipped out my notebook and we played hangman. Tonya made such dirty words some of us (me) didn’t know what they even meant. Way to go. XD But it was fun.
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waiting for interviews1

And Shayna was picking geeky/sci fi /movie characters that nobody knew. hah
waiting for interviews2

Maybe I can get some new sponsors? A car would be nice. Or laundry detergent. Yeah. I’m a simple woman! 🙂 I really need knee pads, this special kind from Oshamans that I can only buy there. ahh a girl can dream, can’t she?…