I’m going to TUF 18 try outs!

I’m going to Vegas! I’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas.

So I’ve decided to go to The Ultimate Fighter try outs. At first, a fan-friend on Twitter linked me, saying “Are you getting ready for the TUF tryouts?” I thought he was joking. Then my arch rival and best female fighter friend Tara LaRosa Tweeted something about Joe Rogan’s reaction to females in TUF, and I thought, “Wait, what?!?”

Crazy! It’s awesome crazy! I’m so excited the UFC is making TUF with women!
But should I actually go? Can I leave my job for six weeks? Probably not? Should I quit my job? No?! Leave Japan? What should I do? GAH!

My brain was spinning. My dream was to be the first female fighter in the UFC. That didn’t happen. This may be a new dream come true: become the first ultimate fighter!
Roxy kamehameha

Return to 135 lbs. Go to try-outs and try to get into the house. I talked to my boss. He told me to go to try outs and we’ll take it from there. I love my boss. I might not love him after he tells me I can’t take two months leave of absence, but we’ll see. I have to be selected first. I will be! I must be! POSITIVE THINkING! PICK MEEE! Who knows how many women are going? There’s only one weight division. I bet you that we’ll have big women trying to cut down, and smaller women coming up.

I watched Roundup Roundup and Kristin was talking about the women she’d like to see on the TUF. She posted these pics of these REALLY BIG MUSCULAR WOMEN, and I’m like @__@; daaaaamn.

I have to believe in myself. I have skill. I haven’t been doing well lately in my career. I want to get back on the winning streak. This is my big chance. I have to get vacation from work, fly all the way from Japan, but I’d hate myself if I didn’t try it.

pic by keith mills

I’m so excited. It’s all I can think about from the moment I wake up to the minute I go to sleep. My teammate Steve is going, too! GroundSlam gaikokujin-bu! My mom encouraged me to go to try outs.

I’ll do my best ! I’m not the most beautiful fighter ever…. I refuse to wear make up to the interview. I don’t wanna pose shirt-less. 🙁 I hope they still like me! 😀

They will! I know it! I’ll make them like me! I’ll charm their socks off! 😀 Should I wear my crocodile ones? XD hahaha …