Megumi Fujii’s post-fight blog in English

I translated Megumi’s post-fight blog into English:
Here is her original blog:

“On Tuesday I returned home to Japan. I’m feeling physically good. Thank you very much for all the warm comments on both my blog and Twitter. There were a lot of comments from everyone in Japan and also from people from overseas. I’m so grateful and thankful to receive encouragement from so many people.

Before my fight, it gave me courage.
After the fight, I reread those words and shed tears.

As for the fight, I used all my strength and fought as hard as I could. And I think I won the first round and the third round. At worst, I thought it’d be a draw.

It was the same as the year before last, when my fight with Zoila became my first blemish on my record. Not only Japanese, but there were also a lot of people from overseas who said that they thought I’d won. It’s so frustrating to see this and listen to this and just keep silent. I can’t turn my back on my feelings, so I’m going to write my exact feelings here.

I feel the same way. I thought I’d won.

However, I know it’s my fault for not winning decisively. Especially since I’m called “The Number One pound-for-pound” in the world, I know that I have to win decisively, or it’s the same as a loss. It’s gotta be either a submission or KO. Those are the only ways to win. But I couldn’t do it.
The taller the wall to climb over, the more I get fired up. I feel like, “I absolutely gotta get this done!”
I always think, I can still become strong and stronger still. But now, honestly, my mind hasn’t settled down yet. I’m going to take my time and think hard about what comes next. I still feel that I want to fight.

I don’t want to do anything half-hearted, so I have to think hard about how exactly to proceed and what exactly to do. Once I do, I’ll let everyone know.

Finally, I want to say that I think Jessica is very strong. Our the fight was very close and very tough. I have always respected her from way before this. In the interview after our fight, she said that ever since she debuted six years ago she and her coach have had me in mind as their goal to work towards. I felt honored when Jessica also said that she’ll always think of me as number one for all eternity.

Other people have also come to me and said that win or lose, to them I’ll always be number one.
So in order to not bring shame to their words, I’ll hold my head up, stand up straight and walk the path I’ve chosen for myself.
There are many things I learned from my loss.
I’ve made many memories and received many well wishes. Now, my heart feels very warm. It seems like things to learn are ever increasing.
I’m really hurt and disappointed but I’m also thankful to the result.

Thank you very much, everybody.”…