Roxy’s Christmas and New Years Holiday!

I went to Boston to visit my Dad and step-family. I spent a lot of nice quality time with them! Unlike previous years, I didn’t visit my aunt, uncle and cousins, which I’m sad about. I want to make another trip soon and maybe train and teach seminars in the new England Area.

Anyway, yeah. Over the week, I got three good weight-training sessions in with my brother, Chris. 🙂 He gave me this shirt!
roxy and chris 2014

I got some lovely presents. Thank you, family! I think it was Peter who got me the Jedi Handbook, also the Sith and Bounty Hunter. Omg I love it. I’m learning so much…except I’m trying to use the Force and it’s not really working and I’m bummed out. -_- lol uh yeah so

roxy jedi path
On Friday, I hung out with my dear friend Q from our college days at Umass! We went to Salem, MA (I’ve always wanted to go) and explored. 😀 This is like a sculpture thingie that shows how the coastline around Salem has changed over a hundred years. 😀

roxy and q coast line
roxy and q rejoicing

We had a sushi lunch and then went to the Peabody Essex museum, which is one of the oldest in the country, I think.
We saw this cool nature exhibit where artists and people did interesting things with wood and leaves. Here are boxes made out of dried leaves. Ever pick up a dried leaf? yeah, they crumble sooo easily.
People have recorded electrical pulses by trees and made music. It’s amazing.

boxes of leaves

Such a nice time!
I made a video blog.

I was going through some boxes of my stuff in the basement and found a mystery puzzle that I had given up on when I was in middle school because it was hard and I got frustrated. There’s no image to go on. Once I put it together, I solve the mystery by finding out what the scene is. It’s sooo hard to do when you don’t know the final picture! 🙁 I got it out and challenged myself to compete it in 5 days. I couldn’t! 🙁 So I took it apart in chunks and brought it back with me to Las Vegas. I did get a lot done, though.
Here’s when I first started last week…

puzzle at the start
And just before I packed it up…

puzzle at the end
Haha if you follow me on Instagram or twitter, you’ll remember me ranting about it. 🙁 I’ll try and finish it this year. So far I see the head of armor, a sorran, a door and a broom. I think there’s a broken bottle? and the initials JS, but I already know that…. man! ~_~ I want to look and see the answer, but if I know there answer, I will have zero motivation to finish the puzzle and will chuck it out the window, and then it will haunt me for the rest of my life that I didn’t finish it. < grr. any of my local friends like puzzles? for New Years, Jason and Amanda invited me over their lovely house, where we ate BBQ and watched the fireworks over Las Vegas from their roof. 🙂 sargus and dude at nye
firepit roof