turbo account of Invicta 10 (pics)

I had an amazing trip to Texas for Invicta 10. I’ll try and be brief and use pics to tell the story. Click on all pics to enlarge.

I went to Houston by myself – coach John would arrive the next day.

On the night I arrived, I hung out with my TUF18 fighter friend Peggy Morgan!
00 peggy selfie
Double-mirror-selfie! 😀 We went grocery shopping together, later on!

The next morning on Wednesday, I went to the Museum of Natural History. I saw…(click)
Cephalopod Chritmas tree
00 cepholopod tree

Oil drill bits
00 drill bit

00 dino and roxy

Then I had my photoshoot! I brought my Jedi Robe and lightsaber and crashed Peggy Morgan’s session.

She turned the tables on me!peggy jedi attackj

Then I did my own shoot in my Goku Gi. 🙂

Then I watched The Ultimate Fighter on Kristin’s laptop with her, Esther and her media crew. 😀
00 kristen esther

Jedi Master John Wood came in late because weather sucked in Vegas. Yay 😀
He helped me cut weight on Thursday. I insisted he wear his Jedi robe. Looks very respectable, don’t you agree? Very wise.
00 jedi john

I made sure I would be able to make weight with my Princes Leia costume on BUT the commission lady made me strip naked anyway. whyyyyy 🙁 Unnecessary…. grrr. I am definitely getting less modest through MMA -_-;;

Then this happened! 😀
00 face off leia
(I’m holding the chain, like how Leia choked out Jabba the Hutt. Although Andrea is not ugly like Jaba. lol)
00 leia

Ate BBQ ribs with coach, fan friend Candy and her brother! 😀
00 candy bbq

Here’s a ridiculously hyper video of me at dinner.


By the way, my fighter friend Serena DeJesus, who trained with me this past summer, also fought in Philadelphia, Matrix fights!
00 roxy serena
She ended up winning by choke! Yay!! Love ya and proud of ya, sista ;D

Then I fought!!!! and won by split decision 😀

Andrea was a super tough opponent. She’s gonna be big and super famous one day. Keep going, girl. You are awesome.

I didn’t have a second cornerman, so John asked his mentor, legendary Greg Jackson to help me in my corner. I was like, REALLYYYYYYY!?!?!?! omg what an honor!! THANK YOU! 😀
00 greg jackson

After the fight, I saw blurry images of my coach screaming happily at me through the cage, but I wasn’t going to celebrate until I got my hand raised. Then I did.

The two main people I need to thank are: number 1, my body, for holding together for me to do this. Every day I wake up and appreciate my health. (thanks, Jake Steckel, my chiropractor aka Kinetic Performance Edge). Second, John. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

And my awesome team at Syndicate.

Celebration dinner…I ate SO much.

the next day, we flew home and went to the UFC. 😀 I ran into Leslie Smith, and my bestie Heather Clark!
I sat with my wonderful teammate, Adam Aquaviva!
00 roxy adam

Dana White came over to my area and greeted fighters in front of me, and I waved and called out, “Hi!” He looked up, saw me, and said that he heard I won my fight and congratulations. I was like…..eeeee fangirl. 😀 😀 😀

and he “liked” my pic of heather and I on instagram. omg XD I thought he hated social media.

I am soooooooooooooooooo sore. lol I’ve been eating naughty. lol For lunch I had Taco Bell and a Mcdonald’s chocolate milkshake. MILKSHAKE! …