my sensitive heart: mothers, teachers, zombies, water grass

This morning I was on my way to training when I saw an elementary school boy jog by. He was wearing a school uniform and shorts. SHORTS, in this chilly weather? WTF. In my mind, I heard my mom say, “Shorts? What do you think it is, 80 degrees?” The household rule was that if it was 80 degrees or above, I could wear shorts. If not, I had to wear pants. It was a good rule. And she made sure I had a jacket in the appropriate weather. Sure, in the afternoon it got warmer, but not then!

Now, Japanese have a funny sense of temperature. Or maybe they have different chemical make-ups altogether. I ALWAYS see boys in shorts and girls in SHORT skirts, all throughout the fall until it’s practically January! I don’t know what to make of it. How can every not be sick? Maybe people are. Don’t people put two and two together? I wanted to chance after that boy and stick a jacket and pants on him! ;_; Motherly instinct?

I trained today and did okay! Only did a few rounds of sparring.

Then I taught Omigawa-san English. 🙂 I love teaching…He said he enjoyed it! I can’t help but try and teach something if they wanna know, or if they’re struggling with something.

(pic taken from his Tweet)
After I got home, I watched the first episode of The Walking Dead, mainly because my co-workers won’t stop ranting about it! It was really well done. It wasn’t a corny show at all. But on the other hand, it made me tired to be on the edge of my seat, and the scenes were so graphic. Roxy doesn’t like blood and guts so much. ;_; I closed my eyes a few times. So …I don’t think I’m gonna continue the series. I just want to see the guy get rescued from the tank first. ^^;;

Then I decided to take a walk to get rid of the sea grass. You see, when I had fish, I got sea grass, but then the fish died. I couldn’t just DUMP the sea grass anywhere on land! That would kill a living plant! And it lives in water, so what was I going to do with it? ;_; So kept it in a jar for like…months. LOL Moss grew and everything.

So tonight I finally took a walk down to the river over the bridge and dumped it over the side! 😀 I hope it lives a happy life in the river. If it dies, well, at least I hope something else eats it and gets a meal. It’s the cirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrcle, the circle of life! 😀

On my walk home, I was jumping every time somebody walked close to me on the sidewalk @_@. LOL Thanks, zombie show.

Anyway, I was thinking, we all have problems. They often appear as a solid mass, and we don’t know where to start.

But if we look at them from a different perspective or angle, we can often see the answer!

We just have to take a step, in any direction! Take some kind of action. Even if you don’t know where! That’s why they say “look” for the answer. If you knew where the answers were, you’d already know everything.