swimming! and feeling more energetic

I’ve been feeling more energetic this week! I wonder if it’s the medicine. I hope so! I’m not back to my old energy level, but I don’t feel like I need to lay down all the time! Man, I felt that way for like three weeks….

So anyway, I found out that we’re implimenting new text books. I heard through the grape vine from other teachers. Um, we should get training for that. lol So I asked my boss for training and she said, “Yes, I’m sending you to HQ for training on Wednesday.”

…. okay, great!

So I wake up at 4:30 (better than 4!). I had a stomach ache all morning because I ate too much the other night with Sakura, but anyway… I went to HQ early. I don’t see any signs directing me to a room…hmmm…I ask somebody…she goes to check. I check my schedule on my phone and OMG it’s in SHINJUKU…. I hadn’t noticed. ^_^;; I had 30 minutes to get there, and it takes 25 minutes.

I BOOKED IT, taking the Oedo line and made it all sweaty! lol

I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT TEEN ZONES. The book is made by National Geographic, and I think *I’m* going to learn a lot! 😀 I can’t wait!! So we had discussions about that, and then I got to go swimming in a place Shu recommended to me. I enjoyed swimming, but my knee started hurting. and I have no swimming stamina. lol And I had to pay like ten bucks and they tried to make me buy a swimming cap, but the REALLY NICE LIFEGUARD girl lent me one, even though you’re not supposed to…I swam for like 30-35 mintues, and then went to work. I had some great evening lessons.

I felt pretty good. My knee is hurting…why? -_-; I didn’t do anything to it. oh well… so I have AACC in the morning, and evening. I’m on ep 21 of Shaman King! I’m progressing with my story! I worked yesterday but I finished editing chapter 21, and now I’m in the middle of ch 22. I hope to finish 22 and 23 today. 😀

I hope my webmaster can find a good chat client for me. I still think it must have been some kind of random mistake …I mean, who would purposely hack my site? I don’t really have any enemies. 🙁

I’m trying hard to save money, but I bought it. ^_^;; Early self- B-day present?