back hurts, training, food

Thursday morning, I decided to cough up the 20 bucks and go see The Immortals in the theater. I didn’t fall asleep! 😀 Usually I’m so tired I can’t help it, which is one of the reasons, besides cost, that I never go. I enjoyed it, although I admit it wasn’t the best movie in the world. I’m glad I went. ^^

In the evening on Thursday, I did the AACC from striking at 8 PM to grappling sparring until 10 PM. It’s been a while since I did that, namely because I hurt myself. I had a great time- Abe-san taught this arm-bar and I worked with Rina. I sparred her and Ayaka and did pretty well for myself.

I ended up limping off the mat, though. My back was KILLING me.
Friday I could barely bend over, but I went to the gym and lifted Max’s shoulder set and felt good about myself.

This was part of my lunch. Japanese leafy vegetable “Komatsu” and kuri (chestnuts).

I lost self control, though, and in the evening ate too many carbs. *sigh* arg. I’m not gaining the kind of weight I want to…But I’m walking around at 131. It’s not bad. I’m unhappy if I’m too light, I’m unhappy if I gain weight. Nothing is good enough. @_@;

Anyway, wiped out after work on Friday. Saturday (today) was better than last weekend because I didn’t have four kids classes in a row. I only had two, but two is still draining. How can someone be super energetic after working 10 hours? I must be losing it…

I tried this new onigiri (rice ball) at the convenience store today.

Salmon flake/sea weed okowa style. YUMMY. 210 calories 40.9 grams of carbs 2.3 grams of fat 5 grams of protein. HOLY CRAP I got that memorized and I only looked at the back once. See how anal I am? x_X;;; omg….

I wish AACC started earlier. It starts at 8 and I get out of work at 5:30. I’m ready to train at 6:30 but I have to wait around … Obviously that’s not the AACC’s fault, just how my schedule works out. 🙁

I lay down on the sofa in the woman’s locker room, hoping to drift off a bit before practice and rejuvenate myself. THEN one of the staff members came over and was like “Are you okay?” When I said “urrrng yes” she said, “Well, someone else might want to sit down, so could you move over?”

THERE WAS NOBODY ELSE THERE, and nobody ever sits there. Thanks for waking me up. 🙁 I was really upset. I decided to ignore her after she walked off and lay back down, but then started worrying about if someone really did want to sit down, or if she said someone else, I’d probably start crying. (when I get angry or really frustrated, I cry rather than yell or something.)

So I went and lay down on the AACC mat and actually drifted off…I dreamed that I was like Mario in a video game, and I had to jump up and punch a devil’s fruit (from One Piece) three times. Then it would break and I’d get the juicy pulp, which was worth points. lol That’s probably because everyone was working out all around me, so I heard the slaps of mitts against pads. Hah . But the nap didn’t help.

After doing the Powermax bike and trying to warm-up, I decided that I was going to collapse, so before that happened, I did a crap load of chin-ups and pull downs and a bit of rowing.

Strikeforce was this weekend and everyone’s talking about Ronda Rousey. I like her a lot. XD But I get jealous whenever other women fight.

I want to fight. So bad. I want to win. So bad. But damnit….

Could be worse. I could be this bird I saw huddled in a corner away from the rain.

It’s like, “This sucks.” I threw it part of a chestnut (I never feed pigeons, but it looked so sad!) and it only twitched, but didn’t go for it.…