what a crazy day!

What a crazy day I had today!

Woke up super sore and tired after joyful double grappling classes yesterday. 😀 After breakfast and answering a bunch of emails, I did chores: mailed Buri-chan’s present and a book to my aunt. Also stopped at the bank. Then I went to training and had my private lesson with John. Tired, but decided to tough out the MMA class. LOVED IT. Thanks. Jamie and Jeremie are on FIRE. Fights coming up! Go team go!

Gym owner Jason handed me an armful of mail! Two nice people sent me pictures to sign and return (I can’t read one guy’s hand writing, but my mother interpreted it! thank goodness), and a few gifts from generous fans! 😀 omg Gordon sent me a set of Dragon Balls. HOW FREAKING COOL! Thank you!
dragon balls of my own

And artist Jeff Carpenter ( @JeffCarpenterH8 ) sent me copies of his airbrushed art work! I’m so excited, thank you!!! How awesome!
jeff carpenter air brush

The company Reign sent me a spontaneous gift of gloves and hand wraps. Thank you very much! http://reignfullcontact.com/
reign army gift

Okay, so after training, I was pretty beat. I don’t teach kids on Friday, so I the plan was to go to Starbucks and write my new book.

I ordered, was drinking my tea, tried to focus…couldn’t. The music was SO bad and disruptive I couldn’t concentrate! Plus I was still hungry. ;_; grrr So I left, super annoyed, and went to McDonalds across the street. I ordered a grilled chicken salad (which is actually really good). Ate it, opened my computer, prepared to write.…when I got a message from Chris, who I team-teach kids with. x_x He asked if I could cover for him at 4. It was 3:30. Sure. Why not. Except I didn’t have a gi. But last time, I found a gi top and a purple belt in the lost and found box. Okay.

So I drove across the street to Syndicate and emptied the HUGE HUGE box. NO GI. Oh noooo! Maybe I had time to go back to my apartment….It took me exactly 15 mins to get there and 15 mins to get back. But wait. What’s that?! A Reversal brand shirt? From Japan! what….OH MY GOSH, It’s MY GROUNDSLAM Tigermask SWEATSHIRT that I had lost a month ago and never thought to look in the lost & found! OMG OMG OMG. Super rare, much coveted, my precioussssssssssssssssss omfg.


If Chris hadn’t asked me to cover, I never would have gone in the box and found it before the staff chopped up clothes to stuff into heavy bags. *cries* Thank you, Chris! <3 That being said, I sped home, grabbed my gi, went back, and stepped onto the mat one minute late. Me, alone? Usually I'm assisting another teacher. But THAT'S OKAY, I can do this. So I taught the whole class by myself, with the help of a purple belt parent. IT WAS MY FIRST TIME teaching all alone! And I hadn’t even had time to prepare anything special! But it went super smoothly! 😀 I was so happy and proud! 😀 Then it ended, and I helped the next class warm up by waiting for the next teacher, Rick. I said, “Let’s count in Japanese!” and I did. And of course the kids didn’t count along. After counting to ten few times, I said, after a set, “What’s ‘one?’” and some kids yelled “Ichi!” ooooh yeah. I counted the next set, to ten. Then said, “What’s ten?” One kid yelled, “Ju!” (it was easy cuz it was the last thing I said.) I kept going, saying the target number more loudly. Like ichi, ni, SAN, shi, go.. etc. And then “What’s three?” and they yelled, “SAN!” 😀 So….they learned a few Japanese words today, if any stuck. 😀 Then I went home. Here I am. I’ve been running around all day. I am not in relax mode yet. Lol So busy! 😀 😀 😀 But busy is what Roxys do the best! Hho hoo hoo hoo! /end insanity …