because I’m a teacher

Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention. ♥ Greg Anderson

I read this quote and I like it.

Today, an adorable 10 year old who I had assessed a few weeks ago, cried in my co-worker’s class.  He did all the right things, though, like changing the activity or playing something or coloring.  Finally, when the Japanese counselors talked to her, they found out that before she’d come, she had a fight with her mom, and was also depressed that she couldn’t write English as well as her other classmate. (But it was only their 3rd class!)

;_;  Poor girl!  I imagine myself having a teacher twice my age and height talking Swahili at me…

She was sitting in there after class, alone, waiting for her mother. Her head was down on the desk.

I had finished my last lesson and was walking out the door.


Done with work.  Clock stopped.  Byebye workplace….

…..  🙁  I can’t walk out the door with her like that!!!

So I talked to the staff and asked her to ask the girl if she wanted to play a card game, “go fish.” The counselor said that it wasn’t necessary- the mother would be there soon.  It’s not really ‘fair’ to ask us to work when we aren’t getting paid.

But….she was sad!

Hmmm….. “Well, could you ask her anyway?”
Counselor: “Are you sure?”
Me: “Yes.”

She wanted to!   😀  So I went in and we played for about ten minutes. She smiled.  She giggled.  She has such a precious smile. When I asked her if she wanted to shuffle, she kind of jumped in her chair and held out her hands for the cards.


Then the mother came, bowed, apologized, and thanked me spending my free time.


“Free time?” I gave a smiling child back to her mother. It was the only way to spend my free time. Because I’m a teacher.  I’m not free at all. lol

I worked my @$$ off in college to study Japanese and get some high-paying translation job.  But in the end, I know I chose the right profession.


(but I still want more money, lol)…