random pictures

I guess it’s natural that I feel healthier now that I gained more weight. I’m now walking around at 135. I had kept my weight down to 130 practially all year last year, and now I feel stronger. Akano isn’t pushing me around in training as much, and I feel less ‘crushed’ in practice. (I use Akano-san as kind of a scale because I always spar her a lot when I train at the AACC.)

I trained hard at Ground Slam last night- BJ-san’s class! I loved it. I tweeked my knee, so I didn’t get to the final wrestling drills I wanted, but I got in striking and MMA tech. and MMA sparring. I was limping, but today it feels much better, so I’ll spar on it tomorrow morning.

I don’t feel gloomy about fighting anymore. In fact, I want to fight in the spring. Somebody make me a fight offer!! Ideally, I want to do a catch weight between 127 and 130.

Some random pictures I took this week.

This is Azusa! She was a University student studying English when I first joined my company 6 years ago, and now she’s a couselor/secretary! And we work together! 😀 So funny, right?

This is the game “ForestVille” I’m obsessed with lately. I’m building a forest of animals! 😀
Here are some pictures from my vacation to the US that I hadn’t posted before.

Me and Erin are baaaaad chicks, packing guns…..at Gamestop. XD

I have teh awesome fashion sense. ;D (No, I didn’t buy them)

AH, beautiful New England. ^^ My second hometown where my high school was! from the bus window.

Cousin Joe-Joe! Cool college kid…I remember when he was like 5 and kicking our ankles to immitate the Power Rangers. (I had gotten over that phase myself by then, lol. Well…..actually I went all the way. XD )…