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I had a busy week. My body hates me, so I’ve been struggling, but I learned a lot of stuff and have been successful in applying it in training! So exciting! I’m so happy!

I taught more kids classes than usual this week, to cover for another instructor who’s away. I’m starting to remember kids’ names better.

I wanted to take a break from watching Naruto, so I rented and finished watching Man of Steel. Then I got the TV series “Flash Forward,” based off of Robert Sawyer’s book with the same name. I ADORE ROBERT SAWYER’S STUFF. Literally every book I pick up, I’ve liked. I wish I had more time to read, though. I STILL haven’t finished the final book of the Wheel of Time. -_-

On Friday, I felt too crappy to do MMA class, so I lifted weights, and then wrote my new book. WHERE IS MY PUBLISHED BOOK!? It should be out by now. < But I'm writing a new one: "How To Be Positive" - Mental training by the Happy Warrior. I've got 12 Word Processor pages so far. I'm driven to be productive at all times. Yesterday, I did sparring, and man, I noticed a difference and improvement sparring with people I haven't sparred before. 😀 SO EXCITED. Other than the lump on my forehead still being sore from my fight. Hahaha. Man, I hope the UFC gives me another chance to fight for them! I need the fans to please show support for me to Dana White and Sean Shelby. ;_; roxy watching ufc with bryan and miesha
After sparring, I went to the FOX 5 news TV office and watched the UFC. Then I hung out with Bryan and Miesha and we did little interviews during the post-UFC show. 😀 It was an honor to be on there!

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