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I train at Ground Slam from 9 to 10. However today, I had business in Tokyo which started at 10 AM, and it takes 50 minutes to get there… 🙁 So instead of doing one round, rest, another round, rest, another round…I did FOUR 5-minute rounds in a row. It was super hard….it was exactly like a fight. Actually, that’s the closest I’ve ever been to feeling like I was in a fight during training.

Maybe it doesn’t sound like much, four rounds in a row, but it is when you’re going at 95% with UFC fighters. (me 95%, then probably like 65-70ish? Depends on the guy, I dunno)

aaaaand I got gouged in the eye! It looks worse in person than in this picture. ^^;

I had kind of a Three Stooges moment with this one guy. He’s not a pro, but participated cuz the morning class got cancelled. I was telling him how I usually take breaks, but I planned to do a bunch of rounds in a row.
I thought I was being pretty clear…here, even you can understand. I’ll teach you Japanese.
ima (“ee-ma”) = now
yarimasu (“ya-ree-mahs”) = to do (something), i.e. sparring
ka = ? (question marker)
hai = yes

Roxy: *goes over to him* “Ima yarimasu ka?”
guy: “Ima yarimasu ka?”
Roxy: “Hai.”
guy: “Eh?”
Roxy: “Hmm?”
guy: “Ima yarimasu ka?”
Roxy: “….hai, ima yarimasu ka?”
guy: “Ima yarimasu?”
Roxy: “Huh? Ima? Hai, Ima. Yarimasu ka? O_o;; IMA!”
guy: Ima?

LOL DUDE we are not communicating. Finally he said, “Kyuukei shinai desu ka?” (You’re not taking a break?)
Roxy: Sou desu, kyuukei shinai desu.” (That’s right, I’m not taking a break.)

So I showered and ran to my very active business in Tokyo. The guy during who’s round I got gouged was like “OH are you okay? oh sorry! Are you sure you’re okay! are you sure?” I was like yeah yeah no problem. I didn’t even have time to examine the eye because I was running was like…almost still bleeding, so everyone was like “Roxy, did you win?” LOL

Anyway, very significant meeting…. afterwards, I had lunch with my colleagues in Hibiya park. What a nice area! I’d never been there before.

I’m TOTALLY digging this new Fireball CD I got! Man I wanna see another Fireball concert. I just saw that in 2010 they did one in Yokohama. aaaah ~_~! I’ll have to pay more attention.