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This morning, after WAKING UP AT THE CRACK OF DAWN, I wrote some of my story. Then I watched like 3 episodes of Naruto. Pain is attacking the village. u_U Then I wrote some more and it was only 8:30! O_O;;;

I went to work, had a snack, taught some lessons, wrote some more of my story, and then went to the gym. It’s a holiday so I only had 3 lessons, but the AACC was closed, so I didn’t go there. I made up this great cardio circuit drill that I can do by myself. I’m REALLY sore from lifting so much yesterday, though. I hope I’m all good for sparring tomorrow.

I’m really tired now… but I’m enjoying that website SO much. I’m guarenteed to laugh! My abs hurt, actually, so maybe I should stop…and I’m sure my neighbors can hear me. But I love it!

omg I’ve just watched 2 and a half hours non stop of Naruto. That’s like thre months worth of episodes. But this battle is long…and lots of stuff reminds me of DBZ. Hurry up, Naruto! Sakura cries. You have to come back and save everyone. Like everyone always freaking waiting for Goku. Turns up like a Super Saiyajin, does the distructo disk. (I dunno the Japanese name). Man I’m sleepy…I gotta go to bed. But it’s the middle of a battle… I am so pissed off at Masashi Kishimoto. How dare he kill off characters I like?!? ARGOSDLFDSLKFJDSKJ

Some of the scenes were really disturbing. 🙁