Let’s go to Tohoku, btches!

Japan is trying hard to promote tourism in Tohoku.

I mean, really really hard.

Last week, I saw the Aomori “Prefectural” character hanging out in Kawasaki station. (Yes, Japan made characters that represent prefectures. They’re called….crap I forget. “something kyara.”)

Anyway, his name is “Ikube,” which means “Let’s go” in Aomori-ben (dialect from Aomori). I snapped a pic and then asked the young guy dressed up in what I can only assume was cultural clothing, and he said it was a PR thing to promote Aomori. He, the little blue blob thingie, was SO CUTE…in a bizarre way.

Yes, I’ve been learning a lot about the food and sites in Tohoku…..there are posters everywhere. Even on the train. (Iku ze, tohoku! – Let’s go to Tohoku, guys!)

It’s almost enough to make me want to go to Tohoku….! But not quite.
Actually, I wouldn’t mind going to Aomori. It’s more north of the nuclear power plants. I want to go and try talking to people and hearing the Aomori-ben. What can I say? I’m a linguist so I’m into that stuff. ^^;…