fun training, semi-shark tank drill!

Yesterday was a busy, yet awesome Saturday! But I miss my fun co-workers, Jack and Ana! I hope they come back from England…

Especially, one of my afternoon students seemed really happy with my style of correction, and said that he really enjoyed my lesson. That was nice. ^_^

I hurried to training by 6:45, and Kojima-san was there early, as always. He said, “Too bad no one else is here to spar!” We didn’t last time, but after quickly stretching and chatting for a minute, I suggested the semi-shark tank drill that two people can do:
Grapple at full strength for 60 seconds, then wail on the heavy-bag for 30 seconds, then grapple for 60 seconds, then heavy bag…. Do that five times.

IT’S HARD. Harder for me, because he’s a 75 kilo (165 lb) guy and he always got the good position, but it was excellent practice. It simulates a fight situation and intensity, and plus, he can push himself on the bag, so it eliminates some of the advantages or disadvantages. I heard him gasping for breath, so I knew we both got a good work out. If it was at the end of practice, I would have suggested more, but it was the first round of the night. lol Then Ota-san walked in and taped up his hands while we were doing that. He joined in round-robin MMA sparring, and I sparred twice more with each. THEN class started at like 7:15-7:30.

Excellent start of the night. I like that style of training. Other people had shown up by then, and Kojima-san showed some wrestling moves. 😀 I’m learning a lot of that lately.

Kojima-san (right) and Ota-san are so cool. *_* SO COOL. I was looking forward to going there all week.

I remembered some fan on my Japanese blog commenting about how a fighter should post beautiful pics and try to make themselves attractive to the fans. So, in honor of that, I’m posting a picture of myself without make up and messy after-training hair! BWaha Take that, fan. But you can see on my face how happy I am, and how much fun I had! 😀 Who needs make-up anyway? 😀