I realized it’s not enough….

SO as I mentioned in my previous blog entry I made vows, wrote goals and stuck them on my microwave. One was “No dessert until April 30th for mental training.”

“Man, no ice cream because of my vow,” I thought today, walking into a bakery and sniffing out all the bread. “Let’s see, I’ll get this one. No, maybe this one.” I decided on raisin bread. Earlier, I walked into another bakery but didn’t buy a walnut bread I liked because it was higher in calories than I wanted….

I was happily munching on my bread and then thought, “….oh no.”

Oh yes.

So I added a new goal to my microwave.

;_; AAAAAAAH No ice cream OR BAKERIESsssss. T_T;

I used to do that for mental training. Go into all bakeries, sniff everything, and then walk out. Torture.

Bring it.

I lifted weights this morning.

Do you guys like my action figure/figurine collection? XD I have a few more in a box somewhere. They don’t all fit on my shelf.